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Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer so riding my bike to the university is becoming more and more enjoyable, since, like many other people, I have been using it all year round…even in the snow! 🙂

Biking is a very convenient (and environmentally friendly) and cheap way to get around Lund, you can reach many places pretty fast and you can bike everywhere. However, if you move from the south to the north there is a bit of an uphill going on (good exercise though). It is important to know that the bike culture here is on a rather high level here and people (mostly) follow the rules.

If you don’t have a bike yet, it might be a good idea to get one depending on how far you commute. For the new students arriving in Lund, if you are planning to buy a second-hand bike, be careful of frauds and overpricing since the prices are much higher at the beginning of the year because of all the demand. You can join Facebook groups or other pages like Blocket to look for a good deal on a bike (but again, be aware of scammers). There are also some police auctions that you can check out as well as bike shops that sell well maintained second-hand bikes. In case you don’t know how to ride a bike, there are some workshops for this and also Cyckelskolan Lund that offers biking lessons.

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