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Bike- My best buddy in Sweden

Lund is a small student town in Sweden where students from all over the world come to study in Lund University and normally before coming to Lund most of us might have these questions in mind:  How will I travel in Lund? How far would my accommodation be from the university?

The answer is: Make a best friend in Lund: Your bike. Yes! Absolutely you got me right 😊

Lund is a small, beautiful student-friendly town and the best option to commute in Lund is by bike. Most of the people living in Lund generally use the bike to go for grocery shopping or for going to their schools, university, and offices and in my opinion, it is the easiest and most convenient way to travel in Lund. Biking around not only saves time but is also the easiest way to exercise, especially in winters as it helps in fighting winter blues.

There are a lot of bike paths in Lund and nearby municipalities and you can go always bike around these paths to explore Lund and nearby areas. You can bike to Lomma beach (watch the sunset/sunrise), Naturskyddsföreningen (Lund Society for Nature Conservation), Malmö (another beautiful city in Sweden), and Dalby (home to the oldest stone church in Scandinavia). There are also some easy excursions from Lund. The countryside to the east of Lund has the most beautiful meadows, forests, farms, and villages filled with nature.   

At last, I would like to emphasize that biking in Lund is the most convenient, economical, and eco-friendly option for students. It is not only time-saving but also helps in keeping fit and energized. In my opinion, it is the best option to explore around Lund with friends. Also, it could be a small initiative by all of us to use bikes and avoid taking public transport to firstly reduce over-crowding during the COVID-19 pandemic and secondly reduce the carbon emissions by choosing a more sustainable and greener option.

Good luck to those who will be starting their studies at Lund University and hope you all will also make your bike- your best buddy in Lund 😊😊

22 February, 2021

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