Best vegetarian buffet in Lund

When it comes to eating out in Sweden, we all know it may be pretty expensive. The positive side though is the fact that all the food I ever ordered out was really good quality, satisfying portions and good looking presentation.

LTH campus has lots of affordable lunch options, maybe some of them you don’t know about?

Every weekday between 11:30 and 14:00 Cafe Ester in Kemicentrum serves amazing vegetarian buffet (basically all-you-can-eat, and believe me – you won’t even manage to try all served dishes). For 70sek you can enjoy salads with various beans, pasta salads, pizza, vegetarian meat balls, spring rolls, fresh veggies, rich casserole, soup of the day, fruits for dessert and daily smoothie/cocktail.

Every time I try to taste a tiny bit of everything 🙂

There is also a take away option for which you get 2 alluminium boxes and soup box.

Personally I choose this place for special occasions and longer relaxed lunches. If you have never been there – definitely give it a try!

At the counter – additional selection of cakes and sandwiches


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