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Autumn picnic in Ales Stenar, why not?

Ales Stenar view

“Nothing’s better than a picnic…”

A tough week with a hectic class schedule, group works, assignments, and activities must be balanced with a worth weekend escape. Living in Skane land is such a blessing for me, you will be pleased with the nature of Sweden. Before winter is coming, having a picnic or hiking could be an alternative weekend escape option for you. Ales Stenar is a megalithic  monument in Southern Sweden (Scania) with 59 stones placed in the ship formation. It is believed that this monument was built from the early Iron Age (500 – 1000 AD). To reach this place, you can take public transportation (train from Lund C to Ystad station, continued by regional bus to Kåseberga S), or driving your own car with an approximate time of 45 – 60 min from Lund. Always check the public transport schedule since limited schedule options available.

Baltic Sea view in Ales Stenar hill

From the bus stop, you just need to walk 800 m to the location. Sea seeing with the wind in autumn becomes your first impression when entering this area. There are several merchandise shops, local cafes, and restaurants open just opposite the parking area. After that, you need to go to the hill to see the historical stones. You will experience and feel the history when you walk and stand on the hill, looking over the Baltic sea. Moreover, you can see a group of cows walking on the hill landscape. 

Group of cows standing on the hill

 Closing up our visit to Ales Stenar, I would like to suggest you a nice picnic plan as mentioned below:

Always check the weather. Swedish weather is unpredictable. Before coming here, I really suggest you check the weather forecast (sunny day works perfectly!!!). Ales Stenar is not only beautiful during a sunny day, but also for the sunset view.

Bring people. Invite your friends to join. Don’t do a picnic alone! It is always fun to have people helping you taking a photo, chit chat, and hiking the hill together.

Bring food. Even there are some local food tenants available, you can bring your own meal and enjoy it on the bench, seeing the Baltic Sea view. Otherwise, you can taste the local herring from one of many smokehouses.

End your visit to Ale’s stones harbor by enjoying ice cream and sitting in front of the sea!

Enjoying a picnic on the hill with friends



1 October, 2019

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