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Just give it time!

Socializing with Swedes is not as hard as I thought in the beginning. When I first got here, I felt like I was hitting a wall whenever I tried to socialize with Swedes. What did I do? I joined a student organization, and that worked out just fine! So the one tip I can give for making Swedish friends that I think is the most … Continue reading

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Who said playing games can’t get you grades

Our supply chain management class, this study period, revolves around a project about.. just kidding about a game! yes a game called “the fresh connection” that simulates a close-to-reality supply chain. We are working on it within groups and each member is a department manager that has to make critical decisions that could help the company become profitable again. It is one … Continue reading

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Life after winter

Yes, another weather post. I noticed that my weather conversations have grown exponentially since I moved to Sweden. Coincidence..don’t think so! Anyways, spring in the air and the sun is out, and I have seen more people outdoors in the past few days than in the past few months (or almost). The first picture depicts something I have never seen before. … Continue reading

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Stockholm resan

After more than five months here in Sweden, I continue to discover some pretty cool things about Swedish society. I have recently been to Stockholm as part of a trip with one of I-guild*’s comities and I found out how Swedish companies are flexible and innovative. The companies we visited were not advised that an international student (me) was among … Continue reading

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Late study nights at LTH

The picture below is the hallway one of our buildings at the school of engineering, taken at 9pm during exam period last week. One of the good things here at LTH is that you have plenty of study spaces that stay open 24/7 (accessible with your student access card). I sometimes get bored from studying at home so I come to school and work … Continue reading

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Being active in LTH

As a student in LTH, you have a variety of organizations which are part the student union that you can be part of and volunteer with. I joined this semester an non-profit student organization, called BEST (board of european students of technology) that operate in almost all countries in Europe. You can travel all over Europe for cheap and attend different events and … Continue reading

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One of many reasons to like Sweden

Today I came across a Facebook post that was saying: “Every 16-year-old in Sweden is being given a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie‘s call to arms: We Should All Be Feminists.” So I decided to write this post about one of the reasons why I love it here in Sweden. And that is, as you might have guessed, gender equality in … Continue reading

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Fika is the best thing in the world

I come from a country where coffee breaks are not given much importance, the three meals of the day are rather the ones that “count”. Here in Sweden, fika does not only mean coffee break but it is a whole concept and an important part of the day. During fika, people get the chance to socialize, drink coffee and eat … Continue reading

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