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How do I feel about studying Industrial Design in Lund

A lot of people asked me about how do I feel studying Industrial Design in Lund. The answer changed as time passed by. At the beginning everything is fresh. I was quite excited and curious to everything and everyone in the first semester. It took some time to get used to new language, new culture, also new school system. Though … Continue reading

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Personal study trip to China

The past two months we have been preparing for our study trip to the US. It’s about a space design project and we are going to Huston to visit Nasa space center. We filled in our applications, wrote a lot of emails for materials we need, skipped our courses and travelled all the way to Stockholm for visa interviewing. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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About being on time

LU is a university with a lot of international students. Group work with students from different culture is very common. It’s important to understand that being on time can be different for people from different culture. In China when we say our course at 8:00, students will show up before 8:00 and the course will start exactly at 8:00. The … Continue reading

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Design Projects in Master of Industrial Design

When talking about Industrial Design in Lund, some people would say that we have a really free environment. We get open topics. We can define our own interested area within the topic. We could also decide our topics and schedules if we have something that we really want to dive into. The first semester, we had a design topic about … Continue reading

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Traffic in Lund

Lund is a nice small town. You can easily reach everywhere by bike in 20 mins from Lund center. However, bike traveling more than half an hour everyday could be quite tiring because the town is not flat. I had a hard time the first semester when I lived in green house, which is all the way down to the edge … Continue reading

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The First Year is a Long Year

Last summer at this moment I was busy doing my graduate project without knowing where to go afterwards. Now I just finished the documentation of my design project for the second semester in my master. I feel like I have been here since a long time ago, learning cooking on my own, meeting a lot of new people, studying new language. Now I can read Swedish … Continue reading

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