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New beginnings!

Wrapping up the academic year and for me, wrapping up my academic career (for now) has been a bittersweet journey. The corridors have started getting emptier and graduation halls are filling up. It all seems slightly disheartening but equally exciting. This past weekend I moved from my precious room in the centre to an area in the north. My travelling … Continue reading

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A summer without troubles

If you pack your bags without overcompensating for the winter then you are a better human than I am. Last year during one of the warmest summer(it was a record), I had successfully braved through the winter by repeatedly wearing 2 of the 5 jackets I had. Believe them when they say you only need one/two good jackets. The downside … Continue reading

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The other side of me

The first year as a student in Lund, that’s all I was- a student. However, in the past year, I have adopted a new character. A student entrepreneur. As I have highlighted in my previous posts, I try as much as possible to merge my startup idea with school but there are just somethings that won’t pass for academic credits, … Continue reading

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from student to staff

Amongst many things, the masters’ thesis period will accelerate the transition from student to professional. Across many disciplines, Masters is the final “student” stage. After this we become professionals. It truly is a good time to assess where the trajectory of your career is headed.  My transition so far has been cushioned by the water and environmental engineering department where … Continue reading

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Water Resources Engineering 101

I have found myself being unable to articulate to people what my studies entail. I suppose for me because I am studying the programme, I tend to assume that the title is self-explanatory. this is my attempt breaking down some basics of WRE. What is water resources engineering? A specific kind of civil engineering (but not limited to civil engineers) … Continue reading

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Data collection for the globe trotter

International Master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering, I never quite thought that “International” was literal. In the wake of the thesis period, some of us are spread in several countries from Switzerland, China and even South Africa. Myself? My passion from stepping into the first class was always to learn more about water management in rural households, so I grabbed … Continue reading

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Water Resources

The representation of water has changed over the course of history, it has throughout time been seen as a treasure, commodity, divine and recreational.  As I contemplated what my next post should be about I realised how the concept of “Water resources” is changing with the development of technology and innovations. I suppose the natural resources; springs, rivers, lakes, groundwater … Continue reading

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My thoughts on course part 2

Groundwater modelling (7.5 credits) Directly following the compulsory Groundwater course, Groundwater modelling is based only on assignments that provide the experience of scenarios encountered in the industry. You are introduced to different software applications with enough time to work on your assignments and have a fairly good grasp on the software. My favourite assignment was one where we had to estimate what … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the courses (1) : Mandatory courses

Now that I am working on a project course (read more about it here ). I am officially done with coursework. It is a bittersweet time as the end draws near. In this post, I will give brief thoughts (my own thoughts) on the mandatory courses. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) (7.5 points) Definitely, my favourite course. At the time I couldn’t appreciate as … Continue reading

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Out of the box…

The most exciting thing for me studying at Lund University is the opportunity to earn credits on something besides the courses offered within the programme. This includes on-going research projects, internships and your own project. This is what some of us have been doing during the Autumn semester, I find this is a good way to get into the swing … Continue reading

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