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Ways to integrate and learn more about Swedish job market

As soon as you arrive in Lund and start your studies pay attention to the initiatives like ÖppnaDörren, Kompis Sverige and Invitationsdepartementet. You might get more chances to expand your network and improve your skills, both language and professional competence if you are involved in activities of these organisations. Kompis Sverige – apply as soon as you arrive in Lund and find … Continue reading

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Have you been admitted recently?

Do you still have some doubts either to accept the place in a DRMCCA Master’s programme or not? Well, the word “disaster” may sound scarring or trigger many questions. However, it’s very much up to you how you will frame your studies and academic process in general – as something complicated or entertaining. Something like this: Plan A: Scientific, very … Continue reading

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If you call for participants for your research

I’ve just run two focus groups. Information got during in focus groups discussions is very important for my research. But! Although one said that it would be easy to find volunteers who would be happy to spend an hour or so on reading comics, the process appeared to be extremely difficult. Why? Yes, there are many students on campus, but … Continue reading

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VR in Lund

Today’s experience is a turning point. I’ve opened the world of virtual reality (VR) and opportunities it might provide for disaster preparedness, urban development and sustainability. The best thing of being a Lund University student is that you can contact almost anyone as long as you need information, recommendations or support. That’s how I learnt more about VR on Lund … Continue reading

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Study visit to Borås

Thanks to Swedish Institute, I had a chance to participate in a two day event on fashion and sustainability: Slow Fashion including a full day workshop and study visit to Textile Museum, Smart Textiles Hub and Re-Textile company. The purpose of the programme was to introduce the concept of slow fashion; what it is and how we as consumers can make a … Continue reading

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Focus groups or How to enjoy life in Lund for free

Spring semester in Lund offers nice free activities. Why is that? – would you ask. The truth is that many master’s students have to organize and conduct different kind of researches, surveys, focus groups. Sometimes it is not very easy to engage people to participate in these activities, especially if they have to donate an hour or so of their … Continue reading

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Theory vs Reality

On lectures on Direction and Coordination or Preparedness and Planning, we listened attentively to UN professionals who were in Thailand just after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. Those lectures were very emotional. Today, as a part of my thesis project, I conducted an interview with Edie Fassnidge, a women who witnessed the tsunami and draw a comic about her … Continue reading

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Comics: Battleground for the Thesis

Who said that games are over and master thesis is not a fun? My process of writing maters thesis is absolutely about fun, creativity, cooperation of people from different countries. Although it deals with disasters and complex issues like climate change. What is it about? Hm, it’s a combination of science, communication and literature. Since I have some years of … Continue reading

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Consider the SI scholarship

Do you want to study in Sweden but you are not ready to pay for your studies and do not have enough savings to live in Sweden? Well, maybe it’s high time you considered the Swedish Institute scholarships? I’m one of SI scholarship holders, and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to study what I want and experience the … Continue reading

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Exploring the Faculty of Medicine

My dream came true 🙂 I study together with doctors and explore this amazing world of human-beings and our nature. Moreover, since the course is held in the Clinical Research Center in Malmö, I’m really happy to leave Lund at least for a month. How could it happen? I’ve applied for the course Sexual and Reproductive Health as an elective … Continue reading

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