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LaTeX – your companion for your reports.

For those of you who have gone through the lab manual and reports from previous years, have you ever wondered how they are so stylized and rich in formatting with all kinds of weird equations and symbols. It is because almost all of them are made in LateX. It is a great platform for writing scientific documents. And being engineers … Continue reading

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Books EEE program

I would advice all the new comers to buy course literature especially the Digital IC design and Analog IC design textbooks from the home country as the books are quite expensive here. These books in particular as the exams for them have open book tests and are a great reference throughout the masters program covering the basics in depth.  As … Continue reading

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Graduation day!

Hej everyone! So we had our graduation day two days back on the 29th of May. Though I am yet to finish my thesis, LTH lets you partake in this ceremony since we are international students.  It was an awesome experience and was nice to see our international coordinators there to congratulate us on the two years of hard work … Continue reading

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Easter in Sweden

Here comes the long weekend for Easter! Many people plan their mini-break here, but I preferred to stay home and relax. So here is how Sweden generally celebrates Easter. Easter here is called påsk pronounced ”poh-sk”. There are only quite a few who celebrate Easter here and most of them attend the church services. So today is called långfredag and … Continue reading

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Food for thought: Relax or retake exams

The thought that must have come to every student during the Christmas break and the upcoming Easter holidays… On one side you have the untouched serenity of the European lands and the other side you have the stress of clearing/improving your grades in the exams. You hear the mountains and the wild in the countryside calling out to you and … Continue reading

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Teknikfokus – E Guilds Career Fair

It is finally time for the E Guilds very own career fair and this year it promises to be a double deal. Come Feb 12th and the 13th, there will be two awesome days of company visits with different companies each day. This will be the perfect place to meet the company of your dreams and network with them. You … Continue reading

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New year brings me to my thesis time.

It is finally time to begin my thesis after a lot of soul-searching to find the right topic and the company to do it with. Hope I have made the right decision. Time to implement learnings from the course into real-world applications. Exciting times ahead… Wishing all the masters and bachelors applicants the very best with your applications and hope you choose … Continue reading

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Home or Away: Dilemna for the Christmas break

“Are you going home?”, “When are you going back home?”, “Did you book your ticket?” You might be hearing these questions several times from your friends. Surely these type of questions and your friend’s excitement of going home will make you feel nostalgic. Don’t feel bad if you are living far away from home and cannot make a visit during … Continue reading

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Lucia is here!

Ever wondered why supermarkets are selling Saffron buns (popularly called ‘Lussekatter’) now and not always. It is because St Lucy’s Day is here. Come the 13th of December, Swedes celebrate Lucia with a special atmosphere where the lights are dimmed and the sound of the children singing. A person impersonating Lucia wears a crown of electric candles in a wreath … Continue reading

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Time for lunch… Y not a buffet…

  Tjena! Hope you guys are done with your first exams in Sweden… Now it is time to treat yourself to some awesome food! So here I have compiled a list of restaurants which offer lunch buffets. Though I have not tried all of them I have got it reviewed from my friends who have been to these places. Rosegarden … Continue reading

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