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So last week a few of my friends and myself had the unique opportunity to take part in the global finals for the Supply Chain Management Students in Although we came far short of claiming the golden prize of 10000EURO ,we were pleased to take some time off the Master Thesis Pressures and at the same time build a network … Continue reading

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Half time presentations and good look Vildanden

So  I had my half time presentation about a week ago.I thought I would give you feedback soon afterwards but three has been so much to fix now in the Thesis and time seems to be flying away! The presentations themselves were quite OK as we got positive feedback form the examiner and supervisor.However ,we are running slightly behind schedule … Continue reading

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Mid term Master Thesis presentations

It has been a challenging 3 months since I started the Master Thesis with my colleague.Now we really feel the heat turning on as we gear up for the mid seminar presentation in a fortnight!Well we feel both excited and a little scared.You never know what awaits one in these seminars.However we look forward to learning a lot from the … Continue reading

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Studying at Lund can have a global impact

Studying at Lund can surely have a global impact.Last week my colleagues and I spent time at the UNEA conference in Nairlobi wee we showcased the motor vehicle technology we have brought to East Africa.Our intentions are to use the skills and knowledge that we have gathered from studying in Sweden for the betterment of the world,anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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Swedishness follows me across the globe

Today as I was going about my business in Nairobi,I found my mind drifting back to Lund. Yes I miss the place that has been my homE for the past two years.Then I started to think of all the days that are ‘ Swedish’ No wonder I miss Sweden,those special days are rare.Unlike anywhere else I have been in the … Continue reading

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Logistics and Supply chain management takes you international

Over the past few days, I have had exciting days going through customs clearance procedures for dangerous goods in NAIROBI….Well not so dangerous Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that we are using in electric vehicle conversions. It was so exciting to put to good use the training in international physical distribution and industrial purchasing, that I have received in the past … Continue reading

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Icy mornings and master thesis

Its official time for the master thesis work now.I can hardly believe how time has flown by .The program has been both challenging and interesting and now I look forward to wrapping things up in one Bowl. The thesis. On the other hand,nearly every morning in the past two weeks, I wake up to find my bucket full of snow.Hilarious … Continue reading

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Fall in Lund,from sunshine to darkness

So it has been an interesting reading period, busy as expected for the First year and Second year alike. But outside of class, the atmosphere has been great! Well at least until of late….. The air was filled with the sweet smell of apples and pears and one could not help but notice them almost everywhere you went. If you … Continue reading

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Swedish education;Study visits and Guest lectures

Hie guys. It has been an exciting week so far getting to know some of you studying in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.During the past week I had the pleasure of joining you to the IKEA excursion and I will just like to give a little relevance I found on these trips. I will also add a little to say … Continue reading

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Wondering about the wardrobe

Hello guys I am sure many of you will be wondering what to pack and what not to pack for your wardrobe.I will add a few tips now. So Sweden is currently experiencing a very bright and hot summer.Its likely that by the time most of you arrive on Arrival day it will be pretty much be the same weather.So … Continue reading

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