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Accompanied by the greats

Cute and cozy studying room named by scientists is one of the reasons that I like to study at E-building. If you are a student major in Communication, you really should have heard her name, Hedy Lamar, mother of hopping frequency which is the foundation of modern wireless communication. Also, she is a great actress active in so many well-known movies.

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Be economical – join a Nation

Nation or student union offers more than opportunities of making new friends. You can get discounts from lots of things with around 200 kr registration fees each semester. Joining a nation is mandatory if you want to rent student corridor room from AFB. Some nations also provide accommodations for their members.

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#2 Must try! Swedish style – Surströmming

Speaking about Swedish foods, you may already familiar with meatballs with meshed potatoes, kanebullars or even hard breads. Today, I want to introduce another famous and challenging Swedish food. Yes, it is challenging indeed! There are even videos on Youtube of people eating it. And it is Surströmming in Swedish, a fermented Baltic sea herring. I really think you may call yourself … Continue reading

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The flags in front of E-huset

I have noticed the different national flags in front of E-building for a long time. I thought they appears randomly. Recently, I was told that those national flags mean there are phd students from these countries defending their doctoral theses. Feel proud for them!

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Must have! Swedish style

When you arrived Sweden, don’t be surprised that you find this kind of backpack appears a lot! Its name is Kånken Fjallraven. Isn’t it amazing that a bag which is launched in 1978 but still very popular even now. Its classic design and perfect quality just win my heart. Mine is a purple one and it is always my best choice no … Continue reading

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Shopping online in Sweden

Lazy to go outside? It is also convenient to shop online in Sweden. Although there is no, you can find lots of websites that provides online shopping. For example, for books, and for make up and skin care, mediamarkt for electronic products, and for medicines and supplements. Finally I find a website which is similar to Amazon, … Continue reading

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Gym time!~

Summer is coming! It is time to say goodbye to winter fat. The gym in Sparta is super convenient, you can get personal training schedule, join group training or do exercise by your own plan. It even has discount for student with only 199 kr for a month.

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Lund international food market

Try different foods at Lund international market and have a relaxing day. Thanks for pictures from @瑞典隆德大学 Sina Weibo.

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An interesting thesis project

My thesis work is simulating signal transmission  characteristics. One of the key point is trying to build a simulated scenarios as similar to the real situation as possible. Picture below is the model of a conference room in LTH. Sometimes, I felt I actually was playing The Sims.

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Accommodation in Lund

It is not easy to find a student room in Lund. Luckily, international students enjoy housing guarantee from LU accommodation. But if you are not satisfied with you housing, like me, make sure keep yourself in the housing queuing system. The longer you wait, the higher priority you get. Finally, I am ranking number one for some of rooms at … Continue reading

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