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What’s up at the A-building

Hello Again! It has been a hot minute since I posted last and can thankfully catch my breath now that the thesis work is coming to an end. In the frenzy, I happened to walk by a brief student exhibition on campus that cheered up the hallways as much as it did my recent stationary life. Hope you enjoy the … Continue reading

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Symposium on Light & Colour

The architecture department is making consistent effort to inspire and enlighten students and externals on what is new and trendy in the industry. This April 10th, the A-building is hosting an open symposium on Light & Colour! This may be a great opportunity to visit the A-building if you have not done so yet and catch an exciting event at … Continue reading

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Thesis & Time Management

As other final year students, I too am working on my thesis. Instead of talking about my topic, I’d rather focus on something applicable to everyone- namely time management.  An integral part of studies in masters is the ability to work efficiently on your own. Many find support, inspiration or a team spirit from fellow students throughout their studies. However, … Continue reading

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 Image by Maskinsektionen[] In the first month of school start, there are a lot of fun things happening in Lund. Many of these are arranged by the university and student unions. During this time, courses are usually in the introduction phases, leaving more wiggle room in students’ schedules that could be take advantage of. You may be interested to create … Continue reading

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Things to do in Lund

When moving into a new place or town, it is perfectly normal to feel excited, nervous or anxious. Perhaps even all three at once. When the stress of settling in has passed, you might wonder what a small town like Lund can offer you during your spare time. Continuing or starting new hobbies may be a good way to spice … Continue reading

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Reflections on Final Crits

There were many exciting things that happened this month. The whole architecture department concluded its design projects, all participated in final presentations and everyone were making plans for the Christmas holiday. After the stress of it all has settled, I began to reflect on my own final presentation as well as the others I saw around the A-building. The week … Continue reading

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Urban Design Competition in China

Architect students and SUDEs students have been particularly busy lately. Apart from our mid-crit stresses and other course examinations, we were offered a really unique and exciting opportunity.  The Sustainable Urban Dynamics course sponsored a two week study trip and workshop collaboration for us in Chengdu, China! There were a lot of preparatory studies as part of the coursework, visas … Continue reading

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Copenhagen Study Trip

Greetings to you and to the arrival of autumn! We are a few weeks into term and my studies as the cold winds, are picking up speed. In the midst of lengthy literature readings, course work and research, there are regular fun course-related activities we always look forward to. Some might be site visits or open conferences, but on this … Continue reading

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LTH Food Hotspots

Before coming to Lund, you might be having many questions related to the building you will be studying in, what the local area looks like and where to go if you are in need of something. One thing that is undoubtedly going to cross your mind, as it did mine, is food and where to get it. But what do … Continue reading

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Swedish Travels

Some of you might be curious to discover parts of Sweden before your studies this autumn, so in this post, I will be sharing a few of my travel highlights and budget friendly ways to get there. The first city you are most likely to pass if you travel by train from Copenhagen is Malmö. As Sweden’s third biggest city, … Continue reading

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