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4 diplomas, 2 years.. Starting steps for success!

These two weeks have been a roller coaster ride with the LTH graduation, the SI graduation and all the farewell parties. I am filled with mixed emotions, as my two years of Master studies is coming to an end. All the friends that I made from different countries and all the contacts that I developed during my stay in Sweden, … Continue reading

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Want to cut down your expenses in Lund? Here are some tips!

I remember, when I was new in the city, first thing that shocked me was that a bus ticket costed around 25 kr (without Jojo card!) to travel from the central station to my new accommodation. I used to convert everything to my country’s currency and try to cut down expenses as much as possible. And, one of my seniors … Continue reading

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Glad Påsk!

It was sweet when I walk into my office at the company, where I am working on my Master thesis and I find this on my table. It totally made my day! I had gone to thank the person who gave this present and he said that it is a Swedish tradition, to give and share gifts during Easter, especially … Continue reading

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A hike worth taking!

This might not be a good time for a hike, because of the rain and wind, but the hike to Kullaberg was definitely worth it. Kullaberg is one of the many natural reserves in Skåne, which is situated near a small town called Mölle. It has a very scenic landscape with steep cliffs and rocky caves that is very close to … Continue reading

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Work culture in Lund

It’s been a month since I started working on my Master thesis at Aventure AB, an oat ingredient based company. I started liking the building right from the day I set foot at the reception. The structure of the building itself is spectacular, as it is entirely made of glass, and gives a feeling that it opens out into space! … Continue reading

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Thank you SI for embracing me into your family!

I am a SI scholarship holder from India. I consider myself lucky to be one of the very few people in my country to have been awarded this scholarship in 2014. I would not have chosen to study in the university if I hadn’t got this scholarship. I did not know anything about the Swedish Institute before coming to Sweden. … Continue reading

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It always feels good when the work you do gets appreciated!

We, the students of Masters in Food Technology and Nutrition, were given a task of developing an innovative food product from the raw materials that a company provides, as a part of our course in the Fall 2015 semester. Our class was divided into 4 groups, each comprising a mix of international students from various countries. After a series of … Continue reading

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Snow Snow everywhere!

Happy new year 2016! Lund has been welcoming the New year with snow. Last year, I had my ‘First snow experience’ with snow-ball fights and building snow man during Christmas. Coming from a tropical country, snow is a totally new thing for me. But, staying in Lund for one year, has made me accustomed to the darker climate and snow … Continue reading

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Advantage of studying in Sweden – Nobel Week Dialogue!

It was a honor to attend the Nobel Week Dialogue in Gothenburg, where Nobel laureates and other famous personalities come together and discuss on a common theme every year. World-renowned personalities from Harvard, Stanford and MIT, inspiring leaders from Google and IBM were also present in the discussion. The theme for this year was ‘The Future of Intelligence’. The day … Continue reading

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How is it to be a vegetarian in Sweden?

Being a vegetarian since I was born, I was wondering what I would do, if I had to go to a foreign land, where the major source of protein is Fish and meat. My most important concern when I left my country was, what am I going to eat? How am I going to survive in the country, where they have … Continue reading

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