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Career Opportunities in Sweden – Entrepreneurship!

If you have an idea which you want to transform into a successful business enterprise, then why not give it a try to start your own company! This might sound crazy, but this is really exciting to start your own company. In Sweden, you will get lots of help from different organizations and even from the academia as well if … Continue reading

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Career Opportunities in Sweden – Internship/Job with Startups!

Sometimes it might be difficult to get an internship/job right after finishing your degree! One of my best tips is to look for “graduate programs” where companies look for fresh graduates. However, this is quite competitive and most of the time the places are not plenty. Some other good option to my cognition is to look for internships/jobs within “startup … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund!

Photo courtesy: Tuly Sarah Costa ~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

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Vårens Första Dag (The First Day of Spring)

Winter is over officially, and its spring here! It’s time to go out and enjoy the sunny weather. One of my Swedish friends recommend me to listen to this nice song about springtime and I found it interesting to share here. Its a nice song which describes the eagerness of people for spring. Visit this link for subtitles and English translation: … Continue reading

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It’s a sunny afternoon after a long time!

It has been really nice to see a sunny afternoon after a long time. I captured this nice picture from my lab where I am doing my masters thesis. Hope we will get a sunny weekend this time! ~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

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Corridor life will keep you going during winter!

It’s nice to be in a student housing which is thus known as “corridor” in Sweden. You will see different types of parties taking place throughout the week. Some of the parties are based on the food tasting, i.e. coffee, bread, cheese, wine, etc. and some of the parties are based on activities like movie night, game night and so … Continue reading

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“HALAL” Food is also available here in Lund

There is nothing to worry if your food preference is restricted to halal food. Halal food is also available in Lund. You can find Halal meat from Willi’s, Hemköp and possibly ICA and Coop Extra brand (depending on stores). Also, there are a few shops in Lund and Malmö (Indo-Pak, Abdos etc.) where you will find Halal foods. But, it is always … Continue reading

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Project group on the cover page of university magazine!

It feels great to see the picture of your project group on the cover page of university magazine. We, the students in the master’s program Food Technology and Nutrition are doing a course named “project in life science” where we are supposed to create a new food product based on the ingredients requested by a company. We had a few … Continue reading

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It was nice to celebrate Chirstmas Eve here in Lund

It was really surprising to receive an invitation to celebrate Christmas Eve with other international students here in Lund. This gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people and got to know the way they celebrate Christmas. I had a lot of fun, tasty foods, new friends and some nice memories to take with.  🙂 ~ Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib  

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Don’t feel too bad if you cannot go back home on Christmas vacation!

“Are you going home?”, “When you are going back home?”, “Did you book your ticket?”… You will hear this type of questions several times in December. Definitely this type of questions and your friend’s excitement of going home will make you feel nostalgic. Don’t feel too bad if you are living far away from home and cannot make a visit on this … Continue reading

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