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Be thankful for what you got!

After a long and, what I initially perceived as, cold winter, I had a break before next semester. I decided to go to Riga in Latvia for a quick holiday. I was soon to discover a whole new meaning for the word cold. With a blistering – 20 degrees, all my previous experiences with “cold weather” in Sweden seemed ridiculous. … Continue reading

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Merry X-mas everybody!

Its friday! And just finished my last exam! O’ lordi! Fantastic way to start a month long christmas break. Jul semester here I come.. .. buut then again.. Isn’t next semester Master Thesis? Shouldn’t I get started on reading already? Decisions Decisions.. The good thing(?) about studying architecture is that you work all the time.. You spend all your time studying, so … Continue reading

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Late nights in a dark country

Its dark when you wake up, dark when you go home from school.. But I am still at school.. And it is already dark.. At least I have glüch! But Hey.. Christmas is coming and hopefully it will start to snow soon. Chrismas lights and snow really makes a difference. Matias

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