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How much does it cost to live in Lund?

This was a question I was wondering and concerned about before I moved to Lund. The cost of living in Lund can vary depending on how frugal you want to be and in what kind of housing situation you want to live in. Living in a student corridor is approximately 4000-5000 sek a month. Living in a room outside of … Continue reading

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My Favourite Cafe in Lund

Sweden is known for its fika! My favourite fika spot in Lund is Ebbas Skafferi a small and quaint cafe that is located near the central station with its door a little hidden from view. It is the type of place I stumbled across one day and was pleasantly surprised. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. They offer … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund

Spring in Lund is one of the most incredible times of the year. I remember a friend reassuring me in my first year in Lund that Spring would come eventually and that it happens over night. She was right! After a long and dark winter you wake up one day and it is green everywhere. Temperatures can reach up to … Continue reading

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Places I have lived in Lund

I lived in three different places in my time at Lund. A twelve person cottage in Ostra Torn, the student house Spoletorp South and a two bedroom apartment in the centre of town. Living in the Ostra Torn area feels like you a living more in the country as our place was surrounded by paddocks and horses! It was nice … Continue reading

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My Best Semester in Lund

Last semester, my third semester at Lund was the best one of my Master in Architecture degree. I took the course Urban Dynamics. It was a really interesting and well organised course. As part of the course we had a twelve day trip to China, where our site was located. The school completely organized the trip for us and even … Continue reading

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What is it really like to study in Sweden?

Something that must be on a prospective student’s mind is – what is it really like to study in Sweden? At least, it was on my mind before I moved abroad. It was about two years ago that I received my acceptance letter to Lund. So this seems to be the right time to write a post like this. I … Continue reading

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Join a Student Associatation in Lund

One of the most rewarding things I did during my time in Lund was getting involved in the student life. I found it was an amazing way to meet new people, create new experiences and try new things. It was something I had never experienced in my bachelor degree as getting involved was not something people really did. It was … Continue reading

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During my time in Lund I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe (and even parts of Asia). It was one of the factors that made my time in Lund so memorable. Many of the trips I did were with groups of people I had met at Lund. Some of the places I managed to go included: St. Petersberg, … Continue reading

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Not just a Number

I was surprised when I first arrived at Lund University that I was a person first and a student, statistic, check-list, second. I was relieved at how approachable staff at the university were. I have always felt welcome to e-mail or visit staff in person. There is a real sense of openness and that everyone’s opinion is valid – likely, a … Continue reading

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Thesis Abroad!

I have just begun working on Master Thesis. The way the thesis works in the Architecture Faculty is that you are given a semester (or more) to complete a project with a topic of your choosing. You pick an adviser and sometimes an examiner. The key point of the thesis is to pick a topic you are interested in and … Continue reading

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