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Another exam period approaches ending

Hi everyone! It is inevitable that as fast as time goes another exam period is coming to an end. For many people that started their master programme at the same time as me this means that it’s time to start designing a life project, this is looking for jobs, continuing studying, taking a gap year, get entrepreneurial or whatever your … Continue reading

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Swedish Spring around the corner!

Hej allihopa! The wait seemed endless but finally here we are, spring and light are at the doorstep! Personally I am part of this kind of people that is weather-obsessed since I started living in Scandinavia and the arrival of Spring makes me the happiest person in the world. In spite of living in Copenhagen, the weather is the same … Continue reading

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What is exactly the master thesis about?

Hello again, I thought that it could be useful to give some introductory guidance about the final step in the master programme, since it would be an extremely useful experience to get a glance of what the professional work environment might be. In biotechnology, you usually carry out a research-intensive project that involves lab work (wet lab) and/or computational work … Continue reading

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The final step before real life!

It’s that time of the year. Right now all students who have completed successfully their master programmes so far should be at the doorstep of their master thesis. In the faculty of engineering, the master thesis comprises 30 ECTS and it should take an approximate duration of 5 months (20 weeks). It is better to plan things carefully in advance … Continue reading

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Master thesis time. Another beginning

Tjena tjena! Here I am again. At this point of the year LTH students are busy thinking about a master thesis topic or already digging into it. In my case, I’m gonna work on it abroad! It feels so sad to leave Lund, so many friends and memories. But the good news is that I am going to work at … Continue reading

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Last day to apply!

Happy 2019 everyone! Hope you all got a great start of the year by being with your families, friends and loved ones and hope that you have exciting things to look forward to. Today it’s 15th January and for some is mid-January, but for others it might be the last day to apply for the master’s programme in Biotechnology in … Continue reading

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New year, new beginning!

We have reached the end of the year and I just want to wish all of you a happy new year and all best for the coming months! Now you have less time to receive your letter of acceptance for Lund University and to let your adventure begin! This semester has been hectic between the level of the courses and … Continue reading

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Exploring Finland! Or how to (not) seek the Northern Lights

Hi everyone! Today I am gonna write about a small trip I recently made to Finland. After study period 1 I certainly needed some vacations and me and my friends decided to travel to Finland. None of us have had watched the northern lights before, and therefore after some planning in advance we booked our tickets to Helsinki. We stayed … Continue reading

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First exam period at Lund University, and slow introduction of darkness

It is already the end of October… Time flies! And with the end of October, the end of study period 1 is also approaching for LTH students. At Lund University, the academic calendar is divided in 4 different study periods. This is different from my home country Spain, where the academic year is split between two different semesters. We could … Continue reading

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A different Sunday afternoon

Hi people, it’s already october in Sweden. Exams are nearby (sorry for the reminder) and we are still able to enjoy sunny weather, enjoy while you can! I wanted to write this post to talk about what I did last Sunday. As I am from Spain, you might know that football is a pretty big thing in my country. And … Continue reading

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