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First, I would like to inform all the applicants that 1st Feb is the last day to submit all the documents on the universityadmissions webpage. Please dont forget to submit any document also cross check your course-related documents as well. I had a wonderful trip to India I got along with my friends, family a whole week away from all the studies … Continue reading

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See You Soon ;)

Finally, the moment has arrived I am boarding the plane to India. Home sweet home after a span of 1 year 4 months and 20 days amazing feeling. This is a week before exam and all my friends are studying but not me. I took a project course and finished all my tasks before Christmas, so I can enjoy my … Continue reading

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Gott nytt år :)

Hello Everybody, It’s the last day of 2018 and another precious year come to an end. This year was quite special for me as I got to do many things for the first time. After a long gap of almost 10 years I got to enjoy summer holidays. It was a year of many first time things first mountain biking … Continue reading

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God Jul! Merry Christmas.

With all the projects and assignment time flys. I cannot believe that winter holidays are here. I spent my last winter break at Lund and it becomes a little lonely in student housing as everyone is away for spending Christmas with family. So, this year I decided to visit Stockholm. With five hours of ride in a fancy train I … Continue reading

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Festive Mode On!!!!!!

Aaaand the countdown begins !!  To everything !!  To Christmas !! To the end of a wonderful 2018 !! To the beginning of the new 2019 !!  It’s getting darker earlier every day, we just want to stay inside and be cozy with some hot tea and a movie, but university work is calling.  We are currently working on a … Continue reading

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New Studyperiod – New Goals ;)

Another study period is over. Another step closer to the end of this journey, but not just yet. After a rather difficult, few months, involving a lot of project submissions, reading and exams we jump into the second part of the fall semester. What’s on my agenda, you ask? Two courses and surviving Sweden’s beautiful but harsh winter. I found … Continue reading

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Staying Organized ;)

Hello Everyone, It’s that time of the year where all the party and social activities stop, its hard to find a place in libraries. Yes, it’s exam time and everyone is busy with their books. The best way to stay calm during this time is to make a plan from the start of the semester and (at least try 😉 ) to … Continue reading

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Here we go…

It’s been a month since the school started and now exams are also almost a month away. It’s always hard to get back to study mode from vacation mode. The first month is usually very hard to concentrate on studies especially when you are a new student. Lund being a student town there are lots of interesting things happening to … Continue reading

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Holidays with Swedish family.

As mentioned in my last post this post will be about Swedish hospitality. When you are far from home the behaviour and affection you get from people around you keeps you going. Seeing so many people leaving to spend summer at home made me feel a little homesick but I had plans for summer one of which was to visit my Swedish … Continue reading

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Summer Holidays in Sweden (Sommar och Sol)

I was unsuccessful in landing a summer job or a summer internship, but I decided to spend my summer in Lund. As an Indian summer for me is to avoid sun as much as you can but not in Sweden. Summer in Sweden is generally raining with some good sunny days (according to Swedish people) but not this time. This … Continue reading

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