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There is beauty midst chaos…

So, it is coming to an end! After almost two years in LTH’s Designcentrum, this is the final month of school before the Industrial Design master is over. I will be a Design MA in about 22 days! Of course this has not come easily…this month has been basically working a lot in school or sitting in front of my computer … Continue reading

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A bit more about Spring in Lund

It is for sure my favorite season here in Sweden. It’s amazing how many flowers can bloom in this city. Every tree, every garden, every piece of grass will be covered with colorful flowers. It starts now – with the tiny lilac garden flowers, and it extends until about end of May. The weather changes drastically, with considerably less rain … Continue reading

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Job Seeking in Sweden

Since graduation approaches, I have begun the tough task of searching for jobs in Sweden – it’s usually not an easy step for foreigners. I begun searching online and applying freely (without open positions) in the beginning of January. I sent more than 40 emails with my cover letter, portfolio, and CV. It seems to be as people say it … Continue reading

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Masters Project

Time has flown by, and it is already almost the end of this amazing 2 years experience in Lund. For the last semester in the Industrial Design MA, we are supposed to develop our Master Project. It’s a bit similar to a master thesis, except it isn’t as strict when it comes to the written report (even though we are supposed … Continue reading

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Nasa project

As promised on my last post, I have to talk about the famous Nasa project. In case you don’t already know, Industrial Design master students get the chance to travel to the Houston Nasa facilities and develop a project with them. It is an amazing opportunity just talking about it, and the experience itself is even more fantastic. First, the university … Continue reading

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Industrial Design Presentations

As I’ve already mentioned here before, one of my favorite things about being a designer is the lack of exams – we finish every class through presentations. Even though they are not easy – you have to be pretty confident to present all your projects in several different stages of the process in front of the entire class and teachers and … Continue reading

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January Lights

So, it’s January in Sweden. The Christmas break is almost over, and it’s now what several people consider the most depressing month right after the rainy, grey, dark November. January can also be grey and dark, not rainy but snowy. And a lot colder – except there’s no Christmas coming. Should be the worst time ever, right? Wrong! January has a little … Continue reading

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The Swedish Christmas

Even though I’ve been in Sweden for 15 months, this year was my first time experiencing the Swedish Christmas.  And I was not disappointed! The first different aspect I notice was the time of the celebration – it was a late lunch (for me, but I’m sure Swedes refer to it as an early dinner ;). So we arrived at my … Continue reading

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Lack of Exams….?

It is that time of the year again…no, not Christmas. Examinations time! Luckily for us in Industrial Design, we don’t really have exams – but that does not mean easy breezy end of semesters. We still have to work – a lot! – in our presentations. We do have a more informal setting – teachers are usually very laid back … Continue reading

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Sweden at a first glance

by Juliana de Filippis It’s been more than a year now in Sweden, but I can still remember the first day as if it was yesterday. As I stepped into my very first Swedish home, the immediate thing I could sense was this fantastic smell of candy. Candies are a big thing here, and I was staying with a family … Continue reading

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