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Working on Master Thesis

This semester, has been quite a change from the previous semesters, primarily because I have been working on my master thesis. For the SUDes program, you have the entire semester to work entirely on the thesis itself. You don’t have scheduled classes and you work on your own schedule. You can do your master thesis where ever in the world … Continue reading

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Spring or Winter…

You never really know what the weather is going to be like in Sweden this time of year. Some years, it is beautiful and warm and others – not so much. Finally for the first time, not too long ago, when I was outside, you could actually feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. While I was walking … Continue reading

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Winter or Spring?

Overall, this winter has been very mild, so mild that it doesn’t feel like winter so much. However, now that winter is almost over it seems that it finally decided to show up – sort of…. We have gotten snow now multiple times and the snow has even managed to last for more than just an afternoon. There was even … Continue reading

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The Last Push

I hadn’t realized that I didn’t finish this blog post. So I’ll edit it now…. Next week is our final presentation for SUDes. Right now it is busy. People are definitely stressed out about school work and getting things done, especially with the models that we have to make. Thankfully, they changed their minds and made us only make one … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

  I asked my classmates the question: “What was your biggest culture shock coming to Lund or studying in the program?” The following were some of their responses, majority are about the program itself. 75 minutes for lunch The holy academy quarter [classes start 15 minutes past the hour – not on the hour] lunch at 12 calling the teachers … Continue reading

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Being Sick Abroad

I am normally the type of person to not get sick, but when I do, I get really sick. Once again, I am sick. Last year in the autumn I got sick, and ended up having pneumonia. Right now I have tonsillitis. In Sweden, they have universal health care, which is great, especially If you have a Swedish personal number. … Continue reading

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Snow has Arrived!

Last night was the first night that it snowed here in Lund, actually right now it is snowing again. This is earlier by a couple of weeks earlier than it snowed last year. Aside from making the city look beautiful and adding ambiance of the season, it can make some people weary, especially about getting around in the city. If … Continue reading

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Trip to Norway

My little sister came to visit me after I got back from China. She wanted to go to Norway. We took a flight to Oslo late in the evening after I had finished up a review for class. Then we hurried around the downtown central Oslo area, because we only had an hour to do it in before our train … Continue reading

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Field Study: China

At the beginning of October Sudes went to China, specifically Beijing and Tianjin. For the first part we were in Tianjin and we did a design charette with local university students as well as some from a university in Beijing. It was an intense couple of days. Many us finished our group projects minutes before the competition deadline. Also we … Continue reading

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Having Fun on Halloween

Autumn is definitely here in Lund. Admist the studying and getting ready for midterm, it is nice to take a break. Last night a group friends and I got together and made and autumn squash soup and had some bread. Of course there was also candy. There was even Halloween candy all the way from the US. There were 12 … Continue reading

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