Around Lund: Limhamns Kalkbrott

Today I can recommend yet another great spot around Lund: Limhamns Kalkbrott – the chalk quarry in Malmö’s Limhamn area. I have been there some weeks ago and it is worth a visit! Unfortunately, you can only enter the fenced area during the guided tours which you can register for free at Gatukontoret Malmö.

What to expect: A guided tour on a well-preserved spot right inside Malmö. A lot of stones and the feeling of a deserted place just next to urban areas. Even though it is usually given in Swedish, there is a lot to learn about the previous usage and the plants and animals that are now to be found there.

How to get there: Take Skånetrafiken’s bus to Malmö Götgatan or Malmö Sibbarpsvägen. Buses leave for example from Malmö Hyllie.

You are not quite convinced yet or are not able to go for other reasons? Watching some videos YouTube will for sure give a good first impression (even from spots you usually can not go to during such a tour). Did you already go there? Let me know how you liked it.

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  1. 9 March, 2018 | 10:36 | rubenbrueckner

    I was quite surprised as well. It’s quite good to follow the surrounding city and municipalities’ social media channels 🙂 This way you can find out about a lot of unexpected things 😀

  2. You always surprise me with places I have never heard of !!
    Thanks 🙂

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