Architecture Thesis – what and how?

If you are reading this and your presentation is due next week, I really don’t think you should be reading this ūüôā Other then that the key to doing a good job is always about planing. Us architecture students know that very well indeed but sometimes it’s very hard to keep to your word and avoid procrastinating. Especially during your thesis work where you are the master of your own time. Since I’m doing me thesis right now I have spent a little bit of time researching how to actually do your thesis. And here is what I’ve found:

The key is planning your work as well as planning your outcome. Be sure to know what university expects of you. Be sure to read the Master thesis guideline of Lund University here:

This is crucial stuff that is very handy so just print it out and have it next to your desk if you ever need it.

Be sure to follow what and when you are doing. Edinburgh univeristy suggest cutting things that take up time from your work and and adding some discipline into your day. Here is a good and short article about that:

The other amazing source of thesis writing tips is this website: Information here is plain and simple. You probably have the same question someone already had when writing his/her thesis so please enjoy the tips.

Finally the architecture presentations are a bit different from other degree projects since we have a very broad definition of what architecture is in this University. This is a short presentation of how your presentation might go only to reming some crucial things an architecture student must remember for his final day:

Additional website with some info regarding your thesis.

There is really no answer on how to do the presentation correctly but there are ways to manage your time and efforts so that you could make a briliant project in the end.

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