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Architect goes to China with SUDes

There’s been already a lot said about the study trip to China with SUDes. For me this term is full of joy and excitement even though the course (Sustainable Urban Dynamics – as a MARK student I have a bit more freedom to choose my courses and thus could take it) is very intense and time consuming. So I join the previous speakers in expressing their fascination with the trip, none of that was an exaggeration.

This was the most far away site I’ve ever had and the site visit itself was the most fruitful ever as well. We knew something about the place before coming to China and we brought some ideas and expectations with us and then we had a chance to test them during the workshop. In our teams we worked with Chinese students who made their best to guide us through all the China-specific things and they also contributed a lot in the project. Actually, I came with an intention to learn something from them and my group mates from Lund had the same vision, which helped our cooperation to end up with a winning proposal.

Now it’s time to continue to the next stages, but I’m still processing my experiences and thoughts from that trip. One thing I know for sure is that it will stay with me forever as one of the best memories of the entire studies..

our team presenting
The food was another big part of the journey, sometimes unbearably hot
talks with the locals during the site visit
31 October, 2017

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