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Amazing day trip from Lund #1

Hej and congratulations to all newly admitted students!

In this blog, I want to show you one very nice destination for a day trip from Lund. It is called ‘Kullaberg Nature Reserve’ and is located a little bit north of Helsingborg, next to a small town called ‘Mölle’. This nature reserve is on a hill but also directly at the coast so beautiful cliffs are rising from the sea. I have been there twice already and I think it is just beautiful and worth going there! It differs a lot from the landscape in Skåne and the rocky landscape next to the sea are just impressive.  

More information on the nature reserve can be found here:

It is easy to reach by car, but also public busses drive to this destination!

Hope you enjoy the spring in Skåne!

10 April, 2021

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