Advanced Course

As mentioned in the previous post I want to tell more about my Advanced Course which I am doing right now in a small company close to the university.

I am half way done and so far it is a great experience to apply the theoretical knowledge in real life. I am investigating how heat and time influences the proteins in freshly harvested oats. After a few setbacks I am finally getting now the results which I wanted. But I think this kind of bad experience is more a lesson which you cannot get in a normal course.

I am fortunately working with a spectrometer and some other indicators, so I think it is nice to share a colorful result.

Lipase activity test for different samples

But work is not the only thing what you experience during the advanced course. I feel   treated as a regular team member and so I am invited  to all the social events around the company. For instance, I could go to a exciting after work event last week and a Christmas trip is coming soon.

All in all, it is actually fun to work in the food research business.

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