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I will present you guys Pålsjöäng, the international accomodation.

Here we only have studios, which means we do not share kitchen or toilet.

Even though on the Lund accomodation website they mention that you should bring your own router, all apartments already have one. Also, all kitchen suppliances are already present (probably from people that did not want to keep their own). During arrival day you will have the opportunity to guy towels, shower curtains, pillows, bed sheets etc, so do not worry about that.

The apartment is quite spatious and you also have a balcony.

Some drawbacks are:  no covered path to access laundry rooms , so if it is raining or snowing, your dry clothes might get a bit wet again. We have been having some problems with the garbage room, basically because most people do not follow the rules.

If there is a problem you can always send a fault report to LU acc. Lately they have been responding quite fast.

For people in the Embedded systems program this is a great location since it is right in front of the E building, where you will be attending most of your classes.

It is a 8 min bus ride from the center and located close to most of the nations.





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