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A summer without troubles

If you pack your bags without overcompensating for the winter then you are a better human than I am. Last year during one of the warmest summer(it was a record), I had successfully braved through the winter by repeatedly wearing 2 of the 5 jackets I had. Believe them when they say you only need one/two good jackets. The downside was that I had under packed my summer gear. When the sun decided to show off, I had to run to the store to get lighter clothes. Luckily there isn’t a short supply of second-hand stores.

To say I enjoyed myself last summer is an understatement. The privilege of a 2 year Master program is that the first summer is somewhat worrying free. This is the time that I did some Swedish self-study, built my network for my startup travelled  Skåne and so much more. It seems like a life event on its own.

The signs of spring are beginning to emerge and although a lot of things are different this time around, having to move out, graduate and possibly make life-altering decisions I still look forward to the possibilities of what summer holds for me, my friends and Skåne.

So my piece of advice, enjoy your first summer, Don’t hold back. Travel, beach, swim, indulge, eat ice-cream and most importantly smile!

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