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Some of you might be curious to discover parts of Sweden before your studies this autumn, so in this post, I will be sharing a few of my travel highlights and budget friendly ways to get there.

The first city you are most likely to pass if you travel by train from Copenhagen is Malmö. As Sweden’s third biggest city, it offers a nice variety of nature and city life. If you are already settled and happen to have a bike, cycling would be a great way to discover its gems. Bike rentals are otherwise available at for instance Malmö By Bike. Busses are also a good alternative, most conveniently paid for via the app ‘Skånetrafiken‘. The same app could be used for travels to other areas within the Skåne region.


From Lund or Malmö, there are really cost friendly buses that can take you to Göteborg (Gothenburg) during approx. 3 hours. Some popular choices of buses are Nettbuss, Swebus or Flixbus. As Sweden’s second largest city, it has a lot of diverse environments and exciting things to see. This was my second trip to Gothenburg and my impressions changed drastically from my first visit. My recommendation is to take the opportunity to see the city while it is summer as Gothenburg tends to become rather dark, windy and rainy other times of the year.

Insanely close to Gothenburg are the islands Högö and Tjärnö. Both of these islands are rather picturesque of what a traditional Swedish summer may look like. You would see a lot of cute huts by the water, sailing boats, bicycles and panoramic views. The only way to get to them are by ferries that take no longer than 1 hour at approx. 75kr each way. I thought they made for a great one-day getaway whereby the majority of an island could be explored without stress and leaving enough time to get back to the mainland.

A summer in Sweden would most likely not be complete without a visit to its capital, Stockholm. Needless to say that Stockholm requires a bit more time to be explored properly, but depending on your personal interests, you are sure to find something entertaining. My days in Stockholm offered both sun and rain, great food, beautiful sceneries, long strolls through the city centre, canoeing, beautiful historic buildings and art exhibitions. Note, if you plan on staying in a hostel or share rooms, be mindful of security and use those lockers religiously.. speaking from experience unfortunately. Overall, I could not recommend it enough!!


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