A South African in Sweden

During the last few days of my European summer backpacking adventure, I mentioned to a friend that I was looking forward on heading home. Bemused he asked me if I’m going to South Africa. My instantaneous reaction to respond with the word ‘No’, coincided with a quick moment slight disbelief to my own answer. What series of incredible events transpired over the last year that I now consider a small town in southern Sweden to be my home?

I will keep my introduction and Lund praises brief for now, but I can only state that it has been an incredibly positive experience so far. Arriving almost a year ago, it was a day of many firsts for me. First time in Europe, first time away from family, and first time using a 1st world public transport system as I traveled across the Øresund Bridge. The subsequent couple weeks was a slight frenzy of fun events, new friends and the mispronunciation of foreign names.

That brings me to my one-size fits-all advice for an incredibly diverse group of new arriving students:

Find your comfort zone, then leave it.

A simple but valuable instruction that is far too easy to ignore. This time period is a great opportunity to push past any slight nerves or fears and find yourself in new situations and experiences that will only help you grow as a person. Add a smile and a positive attitude and before you know it this place might just seem like a new home.

But back to studies for now. I will soon start my second and final year in the Water Resources Engineering Master’s programme and will elaborate more on different aspects of the course in months to come. Hopefully we can get a ‘Water’ tag going here on the right hand panel. For the new international students in Water Resources Engineering, please feel free to join our Facebook group for international students in the programme.

Cheers for now!


Facebook group: Water Resources Engineering Masters – Lund

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That's me, enjoying summer hiking in Poland

That’s me, enjoying summer hiking in Poland

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  1. Hi Tshepiso, great to hear from a fellow South African! You are more than welcome to contact me, my email is: ambassador_wre@master.lth.se. Chat soon!

  2. Hi Johan!

    Firstly your posts mean a lot to me as a soon to be Lund student from South Africa. Is it possible for me to contact you? As you can imagine I have a couple of questions

  3. 17 August, 2016 | 15:58 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Hi Johan!
    Welcome to the blog and home to Lund! 😉 What a great first post. I am looking forward to follow you here during your second year of study.

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