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A Slow Start

Hey hey!

Hopefully those of you who want to apply to SUDes have done so already (well, you kind of have to have done so since the deadline passed). As you may have noticed from other posts here, thesis semester is in full swing! Mine, however has started relatively slowly. The reasons for this are multiple.

Aberdeen, Scotland

I stayed at home in Scotland a little longer because I really needed a proper winter break after the China project, which half killed me. Anyway, with several constraints preventing me from doing my original thesis idea (no Caribbean for Joe), I fell onto my back-up based in Aberdeen, but since this started the road has not been easy. Staffing and regulation changes within the department and an unusually low number of my classmates taking internships has meant a shortage of supervisors. On top of this, since a number of students from previous years are still working on theirs and there is a higher number of students there is a lack of assigned desk space within studios. This for me in particular is disastrous for my workflow. I live in a tiny studio apartment where the only space I could conceivably work is the desk next to my bed – a big old nope for productivity. I am one of those who almost exclusively works in studios, and especially with the need to construct models I need my own space to work and also keep all relevant materials. Hot-desking (taking whichever space is open when I’m in) works for research but does not work for continued design and modelling. Also, my social life is suffering since many of my classmates are still away and we aren’t all working together anymore.

I know I sound broadly negative so far, but I know that things will improve. The tutoring I have received so far this semester has been helpful, if not plentiful, and I’ve been able to relax a bit more instead of working like a madman every day (I realise this will change). The final design projects I am familiar with back at home tend to be a little more out there, or creative, because the final student thesis tends to be the last chance many people get in their career to really be creative and do what they want. In that context, SUDes at LTH is a bit different because we are encouraged to do something more legible, realistic or applicable to the real world by virtue of the nature of the course. This is a difficult pair of backgrounds to marry into a project, because I very much need to do a good SUDes thesis but also personally want to do something new, different, and interesting in case I don’t get to professionally. I also feel that more diversity in my folio is necessary. Dream thesis would have allowed this, hopefully back-up thesis will let me loosen up a bit too.

Joe x

7 February, 2018

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