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A Short Promenade in Helsingborg – Sofiero Palace

View to the castle from the garden

In these difficult times that we’ve been through, I’m staying at home as much as possible and working on my thesis. Luckily, it hasn’t been much of a problem since my thesis partner and I live 2 minutes walking distance (😊)and we were mostly done with our field measurements that required interaction with other people.

However, with the arrival of spring, there is an urge to go outside and enjoy the sun at least a little bit. So, the last weekend, my friend and I visited the Sofiero Palace, one of the main attractions in Helsingborg, to get some fresh air and do some walk. The weather was still chill, but the sun was shining.

The palace was the summer residence of the King Gustav Adolf and upon his death, he left Sofiero to the city of Helsingborg for the public to enjoy it. There are large gardens full of flowers and plant as well as small modern art collection in the park.

One interesting fact: EEBD students one year above our year worked on the Sofiero Palace for one project course that they had to make some renovations, integrate solar energy systems and do cost calculations. One of the groups even attended an international conference in Chile to present their work.

One of the sculptures in the garden

If you want to learn more about the city of Helsingborg and the Master Programme in EEBD, don’t hesitate to contact me (

I wish everyone good health, happiness and peace.

22 March, 2020

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