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A ride down the memory lane – My trip to Spain

Hola everyone!

Hope this post finds anybody who is reading it in the best of their health amidst this corona virus pandemic. Being quarantined has rendered me a little lazier than usual. I have been sleeping longer than usual but that has its own bliss. Well, last night before sleeping I took a ride down my memory lane – cherishing my wonderful and amazing trip to the country of Spain.

During October 2019, I decided to visit Spain with my classmate. It was hard to decide the length of the travel and the places to visit. But after a lot of contemplation, we decided that let us head to the south of Spain and visit Seville. As I stay in Lund, my trip started with a 45 minute train ride to the Copenhagen Airport from where I caught a flight to Seville. We decided to visit Seville first, then move to Grenada and end the trip with Grenada. Seville replicates a scenario out of the beautiful medieval postcards. Wandered through the streets of Barrio de Santa Cruz to get a taste of the local culture, had one of the best chilled beers a.k.a ‘Cervezas’, visited the beautiful Catedral de Sevilla, the largest Gothic building in the world for a unique experience. As a Game of thrones fan, a trip to Seville would never be complete without visiting the Royal Alcazar which is the oldest Royal residence in Europe and is a must visit. When in Seville, don’t miss exploring Giralda Tower, a breathtaking beauty of  Islamic architecture of the 12th century. We have all grown up hearing about the famous bullfighting tradition in Spain and I got to visit ‘Plaza de Toros’ where these fights between a ‘matador’ and the bull happen in Spain. Last but not the least, Seville was concluded by visiting the famous Plaza de Espana where I luckily witnessed a beautiful set piece of the famous flamenco dance of Seville. It was absolutely mesmerising and breathtaking. 


As far as the food is concerned, I am a vegetarian and could not enjoy much of the non vegetarian delicacies in Spain but over all the vegetarian food itself was super delicious. Luckily I found a place which apparently served a vegetarian ‘paella’ which was mouthwatering. And never ever forget to have the world famous ‘Sangria’. No words to describe. Just have it! (Applies to those people who drink alcohol). Talking about stay, I stayed in budget friendly hostel which was very cozy comfortable, neat, clean and close to the city centre. This 3 day trip to Seville went in a flash and It was one of the most memorable trips of my life. There still are many more cities to visit in Spain and the next one on my mind is Malaga. What say guys?

Adios Amigos,

Palash Maru



26 March, 2020

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