A last trip

Before I started my thesis project (already 2 weeks ago), I went on a trip to Kiruna. This trip I recommend to everybody! It was an amazing end of the holidays. We’ve done so many unforgettable things. Of course I should start of with our first night, when we went on a 4 hour hiking trip, waste-deep in snow, to find the Northern lights.

4 hours of walking paid off very well!

Secondly we went on a dogsled and snow scooter tour through the beautiful frozen nature around Kiruna. We also went cross country skiing (which was my first time on skis). And to make it a little more educational we also visited the iron mine. Because of this mine a big part of the city is moving. They are building a new city center and town hall, somewhere where the mining doesn’t affect the buildings anymore (at least for a couple of more years).

The mine going under the city.

And whence you’re up there, we also went to the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, which is both a nice experience, but also an art gallery of ice sculptures.

All in all, this trip got me completely energized for the start of my thesis project. Now it’s 4 more months left until I can probably say that I’m a Master in energy-efficient and environmental building design. Maybe I’ll dedicate a blog to my subject, but it might be boring for you who reads this. (Luckily I think it’s interesting though, which is more important.)

OK. Bye.
– Anton

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