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A hike worth taking!

This might not be a good time for a hike, because of the rain and wind, but the hike to Kullaberg was definitely worth it. Kullaberg is one of the many natural reserves in Skåne, which is situated near a small town called Mölle. It has a very scenic landscape with steep cliffs and rocky caves that is very close to the sea. We can reach there by taking a train to helsingborg and then take a bus to Mölle.

Although, I must warn you, there is a high chance of you getting lost. It is safer if you go with a big group. I went on this hike, along with a group of 15 people. The hike was organized by a student association called HU (Hållbart Universitet), which is an NGO that promotes students engagement in environment and sustainability issues. We visited two caves and the hike was exhilarating and tiresome. I met many people on the hike and we helped each other to finish the hike successfully. I look forward to go on more hikes like this and Skåne is an awesome place for such activities, especially in summer. Here are some pictures that I took on the hike.

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~ Monisha

7 March, 2016

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