A different Sunday afternoon

Hi people, it’s already october in Sweden. Exams are nearby (sorry for the reminder) and we are still able to enjoy sunny weather, enjoy while you can! I wanted to write this post to talk about what I did last Sunday. As I am from Spain, you might know that football is a pretty big thing in my country. And since I am a huge football fan, two Sundays ago I went to watch a football match in Sweden!

It was a match between the first and second in the Swedish second division (Superettan), Helsingborg (30 min away from Lund by car) played against Falkenberg (1h and a half away approx.). Despite the category, the atmosphere was great, around 8000 people attended to the game, ranging from parents with their kids to young people enjoying some candy, hotdogs or burger while watching football. And for me, it was quite odd to see people having candy while watching the game.

In the end, Helsingborg won 1-0, achieving top 1 of the table after the victory. Every Helsingborg supporter (basically three quarters of the public) went crazy after the victory and applauded heavily the players after the match.

Overall, a different experience that I highly recommend if you enjoy football. Last year I also went to watch a first division (Allsvenskan) match to Malmö (only 15 min by train from Lund), which had a pleasant atmosphere, but more boring football (sorry Malmö!). Football league in Sweden goes from March/April to October/November due to the magnificent Scandinavian weather, so hurry up to see a match before the league is over this year!

P.S.: If you are student you get a small discount on footbal tickets in Sweden:D


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