A Beach visit in Winter

A Swedish beach visit in December might not sound attractive to many students, especially on a Saturday morning. But a chance to see a new Swedish coastal town, good weather and the promise of a barbecue, inspired most of my class to pile on the layers of clothing for a day on the beach.

The field trip was part of an elective course titled ‘Coastal Hydraulics’, which provides students with an understanding of problems and processes related to coastal engineering and integrated coastal zone management. On the trip we visited the Sandskogen and Löderups strandbad areas near Ystad along the south-eastern coast of Sweden. The Ystad municipality and local homeowners have historically been plagued by ongoing coastal erosion that has caused the coastline to retreat more than 100 meters in some areas over the last few decades.

A visit to these areas provided a hands on look at the erosion processes and the performance of implemented solution methods such as the construction of piers, seawalls and ongoing beach replenishment.  The protection of these areas is not only of great importance to homeowners, but to the municipality too, as a large attractive beach provides a valuable source of income through tourism in the summer months.

Finishing the day with some beach erosion measurements, drone flying and cold toes, we retreated to a warm home and a nice glass of red wine by the barbecue. All in all a very succesfull day.

Here is a good YouTube video on coastal erosion in this area if you would like to see some more.

Cheers for now!


Löderup Strandbad pier construction to trap transported sediment

Löderup Strandbad pier construction to minimise and trap eroded sediment

Drones have a great ability to capture overhead images of coastal erosion over time

Drones have a great ability to capture overhead images of coastal erosion over time

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