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4 Great Travel Destinations in Sweden

Sweden is a big country with a lot of amazing travel destinations, especially if you are interested in nature experiences. Here, I will give you 4 destinations that I have visited and really enjoy. 

Koster Islands

I visited Koster Islands last summer and absolutely loved it. The islands, reachable by boat from Strömstad, are completely car-free, and you can rent bikes to get around (or walk). There are several stunning beaches with turquoise water (honestly looks like Greece), cute little picnic spots and cafés, and a huge national park underwater. If you bring your goggles, you can explore the unique archipelago that surrounds the islands.

Tiveden National Park

Another spot I visited last summer is Tiveden National Park, a protected forest area in Västergötland. The park has hiking trails for all levels, as well as several lakes where you can have a little dip in the middle of your hike. Nearby is the old village of Tivedstorp, where you can stay over in red cottages from the 16th century with sheep and horses as your neighbours.


Gotland is the largest island in Sweden and is a popular destination among many Swedes, especially in the summer. You can visit the medieval town Visby, swim at one of the many beaches, or discover the unique nature. Many people also visit Gotland to bike around the island, which I haven’t done myself yet but would love to at some point! 


The capital of Sweden also happen to be the city where I grew up, as well as where I currently live – therefore I am probably biased, but I’d still recommend a visit if you are new to Sweden! There are plenty of museums and historical sites to explore, as well as great restaurants and of course an endless list of cafés to discover, thanks to the fika culture of Sweden. In the summer, you can spend the day chilling and diving from the many cliffs around the city, and in the winter you can go ice-skating in the city center.

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If you have visited any other beautiful places in Sweden, please share them in the comments!


Picture source: all pictures taken by me

PS. Please make sure to follow the recommendations and restrictions regarding travelling in Sweden during the pandemic.

4 March, 2021

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