4 diplomas, 2 years.. Starting steps for success!

These two weeks have been a roller coaster ride with the LTH graduation, the SI graduation and all the farewell parties. I am filled with mixed emotions, as my two years of Master studies is coming to an end. All the friends that I made from different countries and all the contacts that I developed during my stay in Sweden, will always reminiscence my memorable days in Sweden, when I look back after many years. I hope to stay in contact with all of them and build a strong network together in the coming years.

The LTH graduation took place on May 20th at the Lund University Main building and I was so glad that my parents could make it to the graduation. I could feel their eyes filled with happy tears, when my name was called out to be presented with the diploma by the Dean of LTH. My parents were enthralled with the ceremony, as they were able to meet my friends and professors after the ceremony. Having your loved ones beside, during your biggest achievement, is a proud moment in one’s life and I am glad to have experienced it.


In the following week, the farewell get-together was organised by LTH. It was so nice to see my friends and class mates after a long  time, since we do not meet so often these days as everyone is busy with their theses. Getting a diploma for being a student ambassador for my programme, was another great achievement for me. I would like to thank all the International coordinators for being so supportive and helpful throughout these 2 years.


Again on May 27th, it was the SI diploma ceremony in Stockholm, where all the SI graduates of 2016 from different countries studying in Sweden, come together and meet at Stockholm city hall to get their diplomas for being a SI scholar. The best part of the ceremony is that we got our diplomas at the Noble Banquet Hall, where all noble scholars meet every year. It was inspiring and motivating to listen to the speeches from various personalities and fellow SI scholars, when they so beautifully explained how we are not so different from the Noble laureates.

According to me, these are great achievements and I believe that there is more to come. Getting all these rewards for my achievements, has given me hope and motivation, that I am capable of making a positive change to the society and I consider this as starting steps for my success in my future career.

Congratulations all the graduates and I wish you all the best for your future!

~ Monisha



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