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Housing Review

Following the last posts aiming to support the new students in their search for housing, I will briefly compare my several experiences in Lund. I hope, those of you deciding which type of housing suits them better find it useful. Though the choice is limited and the situation remains quite complicated, try not to compromise the quality of your life and fight for your dream accommodation! This is a joke because Swedish standards of living are super high – just remember, even if you don’t get your first choice, once you come here, you can continue the search. As Ruben has already mentioned, sign up for AF Bostäder and keep an eye on it.


Södra Sandby, a village in 10 km from Lund. You get a number of similar options on BoPoolen or Blocket, offering shared accommodation.


  • an opportunity to get to know the local people and live authentically
  • landlords / landladies are of a great help
  • well equipped kitchen, no laundry booking
  • more organized lifestyle, better time management once you have to commute

  • bus dependency: very inconvenient for late partying, longer trips to school and back
  • monthly pass (approx. 450 kr)
  • 10 km distance is considered huge in Lund, so it may become a subject to irony for your friends and classmates
  • limited opportunities for grocery shopping
  • more direct contact with people sharing the house


Östra Torn, residential area in 3,5 km from the center of Lund. Studio flats and two bedroom apartments


  • calm and peaceful
  • privacy, your own household
  • spacious
  • parties and guests
  • close to nature and fields
  • not so far away from LTH, everything in biking distance
  • many internationals

  • people still think it’s in the middle of nowhere; if you study closer to the center it may be too far away for you to bike
  • a bit lonely
  • 1,5 km to the nearest big supermarket


Vildanden, a bigger area with two types of student housing, corridor rooms and 1 room apartments. I lived in a corridor hence the reflections include comments on this type in general as well.


  • nice buildings, designed by Swedish architect Bengt Edman; huge windows as a bonus
  • social life on your doorstep
  • big shopping area close by, a supermarket in 1 min walk
  • best corridor parties experts say
  • the area is now being renovated

  • close to Lund C, but far from LTH
  • biking up hills to school – energy consuming, good exercise, though
  • loud parties
  • the kitchen is messy in my corridor, despite everyone seems to follow the rules and the common sense; very limited space in the fridge and freezer – not really suitable for foodies
  • not very international


However objective I tried to be, everyone still experiences it differently and so will you. Hope this post was helpful and let me know if you have any questions 🙂



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