April 2019

Housing review : Bautastenen

Firstly, since the admission period is finally done, I want to say: Congratulations to you who got accepted! And welcome to EEBD 🙂 I know that most of you will start to look for housing really soon, so here I am, sharing my housing hunting experience. I would say that I’m lucky that I came from Indonesia, a non-EU country. … Continue reading

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Where to yoga in Lund?

I believe everyone has their own way to relieve stress. I have done yoga for more than 5 years. Yoga helps me to clean my mind and be in top shape. As I love yoga, I’ve tried yoga in many different places in Lund. For those who want to study in Lund and also look for some places to practice … Continue reading

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Half time presentations and good look Vildanden

So  I had my half time presentation about a week ago.I thought I would give you feedback soon afterwards but three has been so much to fix now in the Thesis and time seems to be flying away! The presentations themselves were quite OK as we got positive feedback form the examiner and supervisor.However ,we are running slightly behind schedule … Continue reading

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Easter in Sweden

Here comes the long weekend for Easter! Many people plan their mini-break here, but I preferred to stay home and relax. So here is how Sweden generally celebrates Easter. Easter here is called påsk pronounced ”poh-sk”. There are only quite a few who celebrate Easter here and most of them attend the church services. So today is called långfredag and … Continue reading

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A summer without troubles

If you pack your bags without overcompensating for the winter then you are a better human than I am. Last year during one of the warmest summer(it was a record), I had successfully braved through the winter by repeatedly wearing 2 of the 5 jackets I had. Believe them when they say you only need one/two good jackets. The downside … Continue reading

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One month to go before final presentations

Hej hej! In exactly one month we will have our final presentations and because of this, we are all going into full work mode on and trying very hard to not grow tired of the projects we have been working on for the past months. It can be challenging but there are so many different things to do that it … Continue reading

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Cherry blossom season

It is April! The spring is coming 🙂 The weather has been amazing this year, we got a lot of sun and warm days, but when it comes to April, usually the weather change a lot in between days. I always call it as “weather in puberty”, just like how teenagers are, it is changing all the time. But that … Continue reading

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Swedish Spring around the corner!

Hej allihopa! The wait seemed endless but finally here we are, spring and light are at the doorstep! Personally I am part of this kind of people that is weather-obsessed since I started living in Scandinavia and the arrival of Spring makes me the happiest person in the world. In spite of living in Copenhagen, the weather is the same … Continue reading

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Mid term Master Thesis presentations

It has been a challenging 3 months since I started the Master Thesis with my colleague.Now we really feel the heat turning on as we gear up for the mid seminar presentation in a fortnight!Well we feel both excited and a little scared.You never know what awaits one in these seminars.However we look forward to learning a lot from the … Continue reading

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It looks like spring is here!

Holaaaa! The weather has changed a lot in the last week and I couldn’t be happier! It is still cold, as it is to be expected until the end of the month in my experience, but the sun is out almost every day and it makes such a difference in your everyday life! Now the sunsets are around 7:30pm and … Continue reading

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