March 2019

Food for thought: Relax or retake exams

The thought that must have come to every student during the Christmas break and the upcoming Easter holidays… On one side you have the untouched serenity of the European lands and the other side you have the stress of clearing/improving your grades in the exams. You hear the mountains and the wild in the countryside calling out to you and … Continue reading

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The other side of me

The first year as a student in Lund, that’s all I was- a student. However, in the past year, I have adopted a new character. A student entrepreneur. As I have highlighted in my previous posts, I try as much as possible to merge my startup idea with school but there are just somethings that won’t pass for academic credits, … Continue reading

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Symposium on Light & Colour

The architecture department is making consistent effort to inspire and enlighten students and externals on what is new and trendy in the industry. This April 10th, the A-building is hosting an open symposium on Light & Colour! This may be a great opportunity to visit the A-building if you have not done so yet and catch an exciting event at … Continue reading

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I do not have many experiences with Swedes, but when I do…

It is pretty much what the title says, I do not have many experience with Swedes since I do not have any Swedish classmates. But of course I pretty much know about the stereotypes of Swedes. As stated in, the #1 stereotype is:  #1 Swedes are reserved It’s true that the Swedes aren’t the world’s most outgoing people, but … Continue reading

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Studying at Lund can have a global impact

Studying at Lund can surely have a global impact.Last week my colleagues and I spent time at the UNEA conference in Nairlobi wee we showcased the motor vehicle technology we have brought to East Africa.Our intentions are to use the skills and knowledge that we have gathered from studying in Sweden for the betterment of the world,anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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Mid-crit Presentations

Hello! The past two weeks have been a little bit hectic with the mid-cri presentations being scheduled for the 13 to the 15 of march. I felt that the month before that I struggled a lot to get things done but having a presentation to show your progress really helped me set specific goals and start producing some information rather … Continue reading

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KLGN01 Probiotics

Do you want to be healthy? How about taking probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms that give health benefits to you by helping your gut flora. I knew that taking probiotics is good for health but didn’t know why and how. So I took probiotics course to feed my curiosity. In the course, I could expand my knowledge in immunology, gut … Continue reading

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Relaxing thesis life, who said?

Almost two months has passed since the thesis or degree project course officially start. Some people do thesis internship in company, or working with other professors in the university to support their research. Sometimes, I saw people travelling during this course, mostly because there is no class to attend anymore, and meeting with supervisor only happen once every 3-4 weeks … Continue reading

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Field trip to Oatly

I have been to several field trips to world famous food companies and the most interesting trip was to Oatly! As Oatly has been one of my favorite plant milks ever since I came to Sweden, I was very excited.  For those who haven’t heard about the company, Oatly is a Swedish food company producing oat based food products. They … Continue reading

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Swedishness follows me across the globe

Today as I was going about my business in Nairobi,I found my mind drifting back to Lund. Yes I miss the place that has been my homE for the past two years.Then I started to think of all the days that are ‘ Swedish’ No wonder I miss Sweden,those special days are rare.Unlike anywhere else I have been in the … Continue reading

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