February 2019

What is exactly the master thesis about?

Hello again, I thought that it could be useful to give some introductory guidance about the final step in the master programme, since it would be an extremely useful experience to get a glance of what the professional work environment might be. In biotechnology, you usually carry out a research-intensive project that involves lab work (wet lab) and/or computational work … Continue reading

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The final step before real life!

It’s that time of the year. Right now all students who have completed successfully their master programmes so far should be at the doorstep of their master thesis. In the faculty of engineering, the master thesis comprises 30 ECTS and it should take an approximate duration of 5 months (20 weeks). It is better to plan things carefully in advance … Continue reading

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from student to staff

Amongst many things, the masters’ thesis period will accelerate the transition from student to professional. Across many disciplines, Masters is the final “student” stage. After this we become professionals. It truly is a good time to assess where the trajectory of your career is headed.  My transition so far has been cushioned by the water and environmental engineering department where … Continue reading

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Thesis Site Visit – Øster Sundby and Nørre Tranders, Aalborg

For my thesis project I really wanted the site to be an area that a municipality (around Scandinavia) had as a target zone to be worked on because of mobility or social issues. I wanted my thesis to be helpful for someone rather than becoming something that could be more utopian due to the freedom we have while choosing a … Continue reading

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Last Semester = Thesis Semester

Hello guys! Soo the master is coming to an end, which means we are doing thesis full time. The way this semester works is that we have absolutely no lectures, seminars or group work; our whole time is to be dedicated to the thesis project and we can have tutorials with our supervisors as often as we want. The only … Continue reading

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Swedish Valentine’s day

So, it was Valentine’s day a few days ago. (I know, sorry for always being late in bringing up this kind of events…). In Sweden, they call it “alla hjärtans dag” which literally translates to “All Hearts Day”, and they mean it. I found it fun, they come to sell strawberries in heart packaging, discounts on heart-shaped pastries, and of … Continue reading

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Teknikfokus – E Guilds Career Fair

It is finally time for the E Guilds very own career fair and this year it promises to be a double deal. Come Feb 12th and the 13th, there will be two awesome days of company visits with different companies each day. This will be the perfect place to meet the company of your dreams and network with them. You … Continue reading

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Logistics and Supply chain management takes you international

Over the past few days, I have had exciting days going through customs clearance procedures for dangerous goods in NAIROBI….Well not so dangerous Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that we are using in electric vehicle conversions. It was so exciting to put to good use the training in international physical distribution and industrial purchasing, that I have received in the past … Continue reading

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Last year Final Presentations

Hey guys! So I never got around to show you how my final presentation for Dujiangyan looked. It was a crazy end of the semester/year and that craziness has stayed over this past month.    The process for this project made me realize how much I had learned the past year and how comfortable I felt dealing with a new … Continue reading

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Water Resources Engineering 101

I have found myself being unable to articulate to people what my studies entail. I suppose for me because I am studying the programme, I tend to assume that the title is self-explanatory. this is my attempt breaking down some basics of WRE. What is water resources engineering? A specific kind of civil engineering (but not limited to civil engineers) … Continue reading

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