January 2019


First, I would like to inform all the applicants that 1st Feb is the last day to submit all the documents on the universityadmissions webpage. Please dont forget to submit any document also cross check your course-related documents as well. I had a wonderful trip to India I got along with my friends, family a whole week away from all the studies … Continue reading

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Master thesis time. Another beginning

Tjena tjena! Here I am again. At this point of the year LTH students are busy thinking about a master thesis topic or already digging into it. In my case, I’m gonna work on it abroad! It feels so sad to leave Lund, so many friends and memories. But the good news is that I am going to work at … Continue reading

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 Image by Maskinsektionen[maskinsektionen.com] In the first month of school start, there are a lot of fun things happening in Lund. Many of these are arranged by the university and student unions. During this time, courses are usually in the introduction phases, leaving more wiggle room in students’ schedules that could be take advantage of. You may be interested to create … Continue reading

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Final Internship Q&A with DRMCCA Students (Part 5 – Karen)

The fifth and final Q&A in the DRMCCA internship series is with Karen, who recently finished a  internship with the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP), which is based in Oxford in the UK. Karen completed her internship with GCAP at a distance, without needing to physically be in Oxford for the entire internship period. Read more about Karen’s experience below, and … Continue reading

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Data collection for the globe trotter

International Master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering, I never quite thought that “International” was literal. In the wake of the thesis period, some of us are spread in several countries from Switzerland, China and even South Africa. Myself? My passion from stepping into the first class was always to learn more about water management in rural households, so I grabbed … Continue reading

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Icy mornings and master thesis

Its official time for the master thesis work now.I can hardly believe how time has flown by .The program has been both challenging and interesting and now I look forward to wrapping things up in one Bowl. The thesis. On the other hand,nearly every morning in the past two weeks, I wake up to find my bucket full of snow.Hilarious … Continue reading

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I won a prize for the most Innovative Food Product Idea!!

I won a prize guys!! YAY! One of the biggest projects in my master program was developing a new food product. The mission of 2018 that was given to class was developing “an Innovate Vegan Snack” with a high protein content and also sustainably produced. How challenging! isn’t it? The class was randomly divided into 4 different groups. Each group … Continue reading

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Internship Q&A with DRMCCA Students (Part 4 – Linn)

The fourth Q&A in the DRMCCA internship series is with Linn, who recently finished a three month internship with SREO Consulting in Istanbul, focused on programme monitoring and evaluation. Linn insightfully describes both the highlights and challenges of her internship experience, and gives invaluable advice for how to make the most of an internship. Read more about Linn’s time in Istanbul below! … Continue reading

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Officially thesis

Marked on the 21st of January 2019, my last semester and thesis officially start! I got a mixed feelings about this: Will soon finish my education Not sure if I would finish in time Not sure about what to do next Many new problems and stress to tackle etc. But nevertheless, it would be a new adventure and journey. Also, … Continue reading

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Things to do in Lund

When moving into a new place or town, it is perfectly normal to feel excited, nervous or anxious. Perhaps even all three at once. When the stress of settling in has passed, you might wonder what a small town like Lund can offer you during your spare time. Continuing or starting new hobbies may be a good way to spice … Continue reading

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