December 2018

New year, new beginning!

We have reached the end of the year and I just want to wish all of you a happy new year and all best for the coming months! Now you have less time to receive your letter of acceptance for Lund University and to let your adventure begin! This semester has been hectic between the level of the courses and … Continue reading

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Gott nytt år :)

Hello Everybody, It’s the last day of 2018 and another precious year come to an end. This year was quite special for me as I got to do many things for the first time. After a long gap of almost 10 years I got to enjoy summer holidays. It was a year of many first time things first mountain biking … Continue reading

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Swedish Christmas

Sweden gets in the mood of Christmas early in December. I noticed  Christmas decorations are being sold from November. Swedes undoubtedly love Christmas and I want to share Swedish Christmas traditions that I got to love as well. Lussekatter and Glögg (Saffron buns and mulled wine)  Lussekatter are sweet buns flavored with golden saffron with a reversed S-shape. On 13th of … Continue reading

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Reflections on Final Crits

There were many exciting things that happened this month. The whole architecture department concluded its design projects, all participated in final presentations and everyone were making plans for the Christmas holiday. After the stress of it all has settled, I began to reflect on my own final presentation as well as the others I saw around the A-building. The week … Continue reading

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God Jul! Merry Christmas.

With all the projects and assignment time flys. I cannot believe that winter holidays are here. I spent my last winter break at Lund and it becomes a little lonely in student housing as everyone is away for spending Christmas with family. So, this year I decided to visit Stockholm. With five hours of ride in a fancy train I … Continue reading

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Home or Away: Dilemna for the Christmas break

“Are you going home?”, “When are you going back home?”, “Did you book your ticket?” You might be hearing these questions several times from your friends. Surely these type of questions and your friend’s excitement of going home will make you feel nostalgic. Don’t feel bad if you are living far away from home and cannot make a visit during … Continue reading

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God Jul allihoppa! Yeap, marked today, the semester finally really ends! Welcome Christmas Holiday! We finished our final presentation for the third project course which will be our last project course before the thesis starts. Honestly, I haven’t feel ready about it, everything feels so blurry and I’m not sure how I should handle it. But hey, life goes on … Continue reading

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The Nobel Lectures 2018

As we all know the Nobel prizes are one of the most prestigious awards that scientist can receive. The prize ceremony takes place annually in Stockholm, Sweden and the Nobel laureates give a lecture on a subject related to their work that the prize has been awarded for. I thought this year was a perfect time for me to attend … Continue reading

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My thoughts on course part 2

Groundwater modelling (7.5 credits) Directly following the compulsory Groundwater course, Groundwater modelling is based only on assignments that provide the experience of scenarios encountered in the industry. You are introduced to different software applications with enough time to work on your assignments and have a fairly good grasp on the software. My favourite assignment was one where we had to estimate what … Continue reading

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Learned it the hard way

If there is one thing that I learned to survive the weather in Sweden, that is.. When the sky looked bright and you feel like having a bit of the sun on your skin, do it right now! (Don’t wait for any reason, except if you really could not do it).  I experienced it several times already, and I could … Continue reading

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