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30 May, 2017 | xiaoruchen

The First Year is a Long Year

Last summer at this moment I was busy doing my graduate project without knowing where to go afterwards. Now I just finished the documentation of my design project for …
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29 May, 2017 | rubenbrueckner

Summer break is coming

Hej everyone! My name is Ruben, and I will, over the coming year, share my experience as an international degree student in the Logistics …
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23 May, 2017 | ulrichhermannkoppmaier

HBTQ certificate for Lund’s City Library

I just visited the city library to get my weekly dose of easy-to-read Swedish literature but something was different this time. Now there is …
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14 May, 2017 | zusannasak

Weekend trip ideas: Ivösjön – Bromölla

If you are looking for a great weekend trip with overnight stay, I can reccommend amazing place not that far from Lund. We went …
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9 May, 2017 | malteplewa

10 days to go…

For the first batch of the The Disaster Risk  Management students the end of the studies is aproaching fast - only ten days to …
8 May, 2017 | antonhendrix


The passed weekend, and actually the passed week, the weather has been incredibly good! I got a good sunburn at Valborg (which is already …
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6 May, 2017 | tatyanasarayeva

Ways to integrate and learn more about Swedish job market

As soon as you arrive in Lund and start your studies pay attention to the initiatives like ÖppnaDörren, Kompis Sverige and Invitationsdepartementet. You might …
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