February 2017

Winter or Spring?

Overall, this winter has been very mild, so mild that it doesn’t feel like winter so much. However, now that winter is almost over it seems that it finally decided to show up – sort of…. We have gotten snow now multiple times and the snow has even managed to last for more than just an afternoon. There was even … Continue reading

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It is time to eat Semlor

This time, if you are walking on a  street in Sweden, you will find that almost in any bakery or café, the window display is overflowing with just one thing – the semla or semlor (the plural of semla). The semla is a small, wheat flour bun, flavoured with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream – has become something … Continue reading

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Study visit to Borås

Thanks to Swedish Institute, I had a chance to participate in a two day event on fashion and sustainability: Slow Fashion including a full day workshop and study visit to Textile Museum, Smart Textiles Hub and Re-Textile company. The purpose of the programme was to introduce the concept of slow fashion; what it is and how we as consumers can make a … Continue reading

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Mastering the collecting of data (for my thesis)

Hi, I’ve been travelling between Lund and Kaunas (my master thesis project is going to be there) so these months have been quite interesting. Despite masses amounts of travelling I also started incorporating site research methods that I learned in the Advanced Architecture Design studio last semester. I’ve been wondering around the place with little guidence, taking photos of the … Continue reading

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Focus groups or How to enjoy life in Lund for free

Spring semester in Lund offers nice free activities. Why is that? – would you ask. The truth is that many master’s students have to organize and conduct different kind of researches, surveys, focus groups. Sometimes it is not very easy to engage people to participate in these activities, especially if they have to donate an hour or so of their … Continue reading

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If you really want to integrate into the Swedish society, you’ll have to watch Melodifestivalen. Or in other words, the shows in which it’s determined which artist will represent Sweden during the upcoming Eurovision Song Festival. This tradition is deeply embedded (there are 4 semi-finals, 1 second chance round, and then a final round). Luckily for me, this is a … Continue reading

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Architecture Thesis – what and how?

If you are reading this and your presentation is due next week, I really don’t think you should be reading this 🙂 Other then that the key to doing a good job is always about planing. Us architecture students know that very well indeed but sometimes it’s very hard to keep to your word and avoid procrastinating. Especially during your … Continue reading

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Fighting through the Snow

I just shouldered my bike from Lund to my flat in Staffanstorp through the snow 🙂 Lucky I made it home Malte

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Best vegetarian buffet in Lund

When it comes to eating out in Sweden, we all know it may be pretty expensive. The positive side though is the fact that all the food I ever ordered out was really good quality, satisfying portions and good looking presentation. LTH campus has lots of affordable lunch options, maybe some of them you don’t know about? Every weekday between … Continue reading

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How to become famous with LTH ;)

I have been talking already several times about the Product Development course that makes part of the degree programme in Food Technology and Nutrition… Every year one of the teams is awarded an Innovation Price for the most innovative product developed. This year the group developing a vegan and gluten free mud cake baking mix with a lower sugar content … Continue reading

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