November 2016

Aftershosk: gaming for learning

What I like most in my DRMCCA programme is a genius combination of theory and practical aspects. Courses coordinators not only invite professional working in the field for different organizations, like UNFPA, UNHCR or WFP, but apply interesting learning methods, like board games. For example, last week during a class on Humanitarian Logistics we played the Board Game AFTERSHOCK. AFTERSHOCK is … Continue reading

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Vinterlund: how Lund is preparing for cold and dark times

This weekend seems to be a beginning of a very important time in Sweden. Christmas is one of most important celebrations in the year and you will see that Swedes love their lights, stars and candles. Last Friday around 4pm the christmas tree in the city center was officially lit up. Weekend was filled with christmas related markets in center … Continue reading

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Nimis burns down (partly)

I tentatively hope my previous post inspired some of you to hastily visit the beautiful Kullaberg nature reserve and driftwood sculptures of Nimis, while the autumn leaves were still hanging around.  Sadly Nimis fell victim to an arson attack on Thursday evening. Due to its isolated location, fire crews arrived at the scene after the fire had already subsided. Fortunately it was found only … Continue reading

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Refugees and volunteering: good to know

If you want to volunteer and help an NGO in Sweden that provides assistance to refugges from Syria , please bare in mind that it is not enough to have spare time and motivation to help. Even previous work experience might be not enough, especially for the Swedish context. Having some professional experience in humanitarian aid field and worked for … Continue reading

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No more exams

I’ve got just one question for you: Who has got two thumps, and just passed his last exam ever? Just wanted to let you know, that it’s a sweet, sweet relief to not have to study for exams ever again. Now it’s only a project left before starting the thesis work. Which brings some other worrying points. Because hopefully in … Continue reading

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Sensory evalution – how to choose a final product during food product development?

If you ever wondered what studying Food Technology actually means, this post explains a little part of it… As already mentioned in one of my first posts, this semster does include a course in which we develop a vegan product, where my group is working on a vegan and gluten free mud cake baking mix! Now it feels like we … Continue reading

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Snow has Arrived!

Last night was the first night that it snowed here in Lund, actually right now it is snowing again. This is earlier by a couple of weeks earlier than it snowed last year. Aside from making the city look beautiful and adding ambiance of the season, it can make some people weary, especially about getting around in the city. If … Continue reading

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Back to Lund, back to ‘normal’

It’s almost two weeks as I left Turkey and successfully accomplished my internship at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. How do I feel? Mmm, I feel great 🙂 I don’t have to think about security issues – no, of course, I have to consider a helmet while cycling or fire security, but speaking generally, I am currently in a safer environment … Continue reading

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Snow in Lund ^_^

At the beginning of this week, I heard from my friends that it is snowing everywhere in Sweden except Lund (Skåne). We really wished it snowed here as well. The temperature real feel was almost -6 degree Celsius and the wind made it feel really cold. Yesterday night did we see the lovely flakes kissing the earth and overnight, it just snowed … Continue reading

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Learning Swedish

I know, or I guess, more has been said about this earlier. But, as on many things, I’ve got my opinion ready for you. First of all, being Dutch helps me a lot in trying to learn Swedish. In my mind Swedish is nothing more than English, German and Dutch combined, scrambled and flavoured with a couple of latin-language spices. … Continue reading

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