September 2016

Make use of your student card!

As a student in Sweden, you are in many cases offered special discounts. With the student card, you can get online and in store discounts for example, IT and telecom, food, tarveling, clothing, makeup & skincare. Many stores in Lund and other cities in Sweden have their special students discounts and don’t forget to show your card. If you want … Continue reading

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It is all about group work…

When starting my masters in Food Technology and Nutrition in Lund, I was not expecting to have groupwork for every single course. But that makes part of the swedish education system and I think it is a really important prerequisite one could add to the CV, when applying for jobs. It does not only sound good to have the ability to … Continue reading

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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

In China, we celebrate the mid-autumn festival, 中秋节 in simplified Chinese, every 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar. We normally celebrate it by making and sharing mooncakes, carrying lanterns, making sky lanterns, playing riddles, etc. Here are the mooncake and Chinese food photographed in this time.

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Lund Kulturnatten

Kulturnatten is a unique culture festival held in many cities and the Lund city festival (Kulturnatten i Lund) was on September 17 and 18th. The stages were put up in the main city squares and there were some great performance by famous bands. The amazing concerts, dance programs were so entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed the Culture night. There were small … Continue reading

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Classes: Urban Processes


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Meetings & Adventures

Last weekend with a friend from my class, we decided to go to this International Pub night at the Creperiet. I had never been to the place before, and it is actually pretty nice. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but we sat at a table with a couple other girls who happened to be in the same bio … Continue reading

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New Year, New Faces

Since arriving back in Lund after a great summer, I have been helping out with the nollning, and have had a great time. Nollning is an orientation that is done through the student union that everyone is able to participate in if they want to do so. What is great about is that they break it up into sections. Since … Continue reading

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Höstfest & Kulturnatten

If you are like me and sometimes feel that your bike is inseparable part of your body, you might be surprised how great is it to explore the city by foot from time to time. An opportunity arose this weekend because I was really curious what is happening in Botanical Garden under a mysterious name “Höstfest” and what the Kulturnatten … Continue reading

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Capacity Development Déjà Vu

I’ve just transcribed the first interview taken with a UNDP DRR-specialist from Armenia as a part of my internship. I’ve experienced a sort of ‘déjà vu’ since some information he highlighted was very much related to my individual assignment handed in by the end of Capacity Development course. His input would have been been extremely valuable a year ago… Tatiana

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Spare time

Now that the lectures have started, so has the everyday live in Sweden as a student. It can happen that you don’t know what to do in your spare time or that you feel like the weeks are just lectures and homework day-in, day-out. If this is the case for you, or if you find yourself in this situation sometime, then … Continue reading

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