August 2016

The new beginning…

As already said, Arrival day for the autumn semester was on 16th August and these two following weeks were the orientation weeks- full of fun activities and some practical information sessions. Also, I must say, Lund now feels full again with all the new students and other students coming back to start their new semester. So, the orientation weeks are … Continue reading

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So, the first two weeks of my internship in Panama city are over! I have settled in, and already went to the beach and the mountains. The town is quite big and traffic is terrible, but I am living close to the rainforest just next to the office. It’s rainy season, so it’s always a gamble to leave the house, … Continue reading

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Meetings and Greetings :)

I have been busy the last two weeks of August, the two main reasons are – i) doing my summer lab report and ii) arrival of students. The latter is more interesting, of course 😉 Being an international mentor as well as a programme ambassador, I got to meet a looott of new students. They remind me of myself during my … Continue reading

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The safety issues regarding to your bicycles

Hello everyone, hope you enjoy the new study life in Lund. As you have noticed, bicycles in our Lund city are so everywhere that we can call it a kind of bicycles’ city. However, sometimes, you might have to face the safety issues. Here is some pictures that I photographed during last academic year. As you can see, for safety, only relying on … Continue reading

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First weekend in Lund

The first days at the new school are always full of excitement. New home, new friends and also new challenges. But the great thing about it is that you get to explore and seek new things. In Sweden knowing how to blow off steam is as important as knowing how to learn. So I combined a small list of local … Continue reading

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Coming back… down to Earth?

On Monday I am flying back to Sweden after crazy holidays to run straight from the airport to the introductory fika and course kick-off. It’s time to get back to a routine and really force myself to do some serious work. Time to get organized. But how to balance excitement about new semester and projects with post-summer laziness and melancholic … Continue reading

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Choosing courses; have a look also at other Programmes

As we know arrived the new students arrive already a week ago, but now it is slowely the time that everybody is coming back to Lund as classes will start next week. It is always excited to start with new lectures and work together with people from everywhere in different group works, but for that you have to choose your courses … Continue reading

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Phadder/Mentor & Ambassador

As already been posted, the new international students arrived this week. And as ambassadors most of us got to meet them at registration day. For me it was not only just meeting the new internationals and welcoming them. During the introduction this year the EEBD master’s program is being included for the first time! So registration day wasn’t only for me … Continue reading

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Lund University Arrival day – Autumn 2016

Yesterday i.e 16th  August, AF-Borgen, usually a quiet place was chock-a-block with hustle and bustle of students, international mentors and staff  from Lund University. It was the Arrival Day for international students commencing their studies this autumn. We welcomed around 2000 International students from about more than 110 countries to our family. The ever increasing count of international students reminds … Continue reading

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Breaking out of your Bubble

Between school, homework, and hanging out with friends, it is so easy to get into a routine and to live in a bubble. Every day turns into waking up first go to school, then go get errands then go home, do homework, maybe hangout with friends. Along the way you may see something and think, oh that would be nice … Continue reading

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