July 2016

Start your wonderful journey in Lund University!

Hello everybody, it is my first time to write this blog and I am really delighted that a new batch of students will come to Lund university that is a warm and great family soon. And I want to introduce myself shortly before sharing some of my experiences and stories. My name is Minjia Wu and I am from China. … Continue reading

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Internship at UNDP: 2/5 done

Exactly two months ago, I landed in Istanbul and started my internship at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. Two months…  And other three months are still on the way. Honestly speaking, my feelings are pretty much controversial. First, the Turkish language sets barriers, and if you don’t speak at least a little bit, you will oversee a lot of interesting things … Continue reading

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Tips and some useful information for the new students arriving at Lund University…

Hello and a warm welcome to you all! I have tried to include all the important points here, which I believe would be useful for you. Accommodation The most common way for international students to apply for housing is through LU Accommodation. Some other agencies like Boopolen.nu and AF Bostäder can also be of some help. You can also search … Continue reading

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Moving day

Apparently the end of June and the beginning of July is moving time. People that graduated are moving out, while new students already start to move in. For me it was moving time as well. In the passed year I rented via Lund University Accommodations, which was very convenient because it was a furnished studio apartment in Helsingborg. Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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